Boogie returns to his Thirst 48 Pt. II project to provide some visuals for the standout cut "Sunroof" featuring Dana Williams. Director Riley Keough brings the song to life in a way that perfectly compliments the sunny vibe of the record. Boogie's conversational style also adds to the relaxing atmosphere.

"Gotta shoot for your time and I know that you're used to the vibes/The depth of your stress and the birth of your next, oh my God, what a beautiful crisis/You know that these girls in L.A. probably messy as shit, so it's cool that you're private/You the sight that I see at my side and it's crazy you turn round and still give me guidance," Boogie raps.

A lot has changed for Boogie in the last few years, such as him signing a deal with Interscope Records. The West Coast rhymer spoke to XXL about some of the adjustments he's had to make since joining a major albel.

"I think it’s just a patience thing," Boogie said. "I thought I had great patience already with my kid, but it still gets testy with a label. I’m just used to having more control and you just gotta be more of an open person when you sign to a label because other people got ideas and you can’t be stubborn. But at the same time, you gotta stand your ground and make sure everything you drop, you believe in it and you’re proud of it and ain’t nobody forcing stuff on you, but at the same time, you still gotta trust the people around you. But yeah, that’s the biggest adjustment."

Check out XXL's entire interview with Boogie for an in-depth look at his Thirst 48 Pt. II. And if you have not heard it, make sure to give Boogie's latest work a listen here.

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