Last week, Black Thought showed rap classicism is alive and well when he delivered an immediately acclaimed 10-minute freestyle on Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 radio show. In the hours and days following his epic rap exhibition, folks got to talking, as everyone marveled over his skills, and one of them was, Jimmy Fallon, who had the rapper stop by his show to discuss the freestyle—and receive an equally epic gift.

Speaking on his recent Hot 97 appearance, Black Thought said he felt he had no choice but to bring his A-game when he stepped to the mic. "Funkmaster Flex, Hot 97 freestyles—it's an iconic moment. It's super-meaningful for a rapper to, you know, get that platform," said the Philadelphia rhymer. "In recent weeks, recent months, I've been checking out videos—and the bar has been set kinda high. People go off for, you know, six, eight, nine minutes or so."

With that in mind, Black Thought decided he wanted to spit for "10 to 15 minutes." As we said before, he ended up going for 10, but it feels like he could have actually gone for hours.

Over the course of the freestyle, Black Thought delivered an endless stream of well-crafted rhyme schemes and bars laced with a message of self-determination and belief. It was pretty deep stuff, so it was only right it got the internet praise its received so far. It was even more right when Fallon pulled out an incredibly lengthy scroll filled with all of Black Thought's lyrics from the freestyle.

The two had a laugh about it, which is only natural, considering The Roots operate as the in-house band for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and, of course, the fact that it was a pretty outrageous thing to do. It was amazing, though, for sure.

Check out the moment for yourself in the video below. You can see the moment Fallon pulls out the scroll at 3:12. Peep our list of the best lyrics from Black Thought's Funkmaster Flex freestyle when you're done with that.

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