Although Kendrick Lamar blatantly called out Big K.R.I.T. in his highly publicized "Control" verse, K.R.I.T. doesn't feel the need to compete with the TDE MC or any other rapper for that matter. Telling XXL that his only competition at the moment is himself, the Mississippi spitter is adamant that his sole focus is not getting caught up in the hoopla and continuing on his journey to be a better K.R.I.T.

"I mean I’m competing with myself," Big K.R.I.T. told XXL. "I produce all my music up to this point. I write my hooks, I write my verses, I mix my records, so it was always competing with K.R.I.T. If I just rap, it would be different or if I just produced, but the fact that I do both and kind of go far and beyond as far as putting out these projects. And really kind of having more of the creative control, I feel like I’m competing with myself."

Later adding that he'd have it no other way, he continued, "And that’s how I would rather have it at the end of the day. I really can’t get caught up in what everybody else is doing and everybody’s top 5. I just have to be comfortable with what I put out and believe in it wholeheartedly, that it’s timeless music and will stand the test of time when I’m gone."-Miranda Johnson (@Randa_writes)

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