Big K.R.I.T.'s Kritically Acclaimed tour came to New York City last night (Oct. 28) and the self proclaimed King of the South took fans on one hell of a ride. Before K.R.I.T. made his entrance on the Highline Bacllroom stage, Scotty ATL and Smoke DZA held concertgoers down with a dope performance of their own.

Scotty started the night and performed records off his latest projects The Cooligan, Traffic Jamz and Spaghetti Junction. Next up was Smoke DZA. Walking out with a WWE heavyweight belt hanging off his shoulder, DZA connected with the crowd, particularly the fans in the front who knew every line to his tracks. He kicked off the Harry Fraud-produced "New Jack," which set the tone for the rest of his time on stage. DZA also performed "Continental Kush Breakfast" and "4 Loko," which let fans know it was time to spark up. With smoke clouds growing in size throughout the hall, the Harlem rapper said what up to the weed heads in attendance. Smoke took a second to let the crowd know his forthcoming album is 90 percent complete, but he didn't drop a line regarding a release date. Last year he released Dream.ZONE.Achieve.

Next up on the mic was K.R.I.T., who made his entrance shortly after Smoke DZA wrapped up. Creeping up from behind stage, the southern MC darted to the center and kicked off his set on a high note with "Life." The energetic hook got the crowd pumped as K.R.I.T. began hopping around the stage. People made their way closer to the stage while he saluted to the audience, asking for permission to take them on a ride for the rest of the night. K.R.I.T. continued with tracks from his 2014 LP Cadillacticaincluding "Kreation," and "Mind Control." At this point, the Def Jam signee lost his black top hat because the energy at the Highline was off the charts, particularly when he performed "My Sub. Pt 3." K.R.I.T. took a quick break from his recent LP to perform his single "Shake 'Em Off," but returned to Cadillactica for "Pay Attention" and the music was lowered so he could go off. Next up was the title track "Cadillactica," where the audience joined in as he spelled it out, followed by "Mt. Olympus," "Soul Food" and "Angels." The drums amplified the experience and kept K.R.I.T. hype as he continued to jump around the stage and engage with the crowd. All in all, the show was full of energy and dope music and it's safe to say that concertgoers enjoyed the ride.