Earlier this week, rumors began circulating that OutKast rapper Big Boi would be appearing on the next season of the U.K's Celebrity Big Brother. However, the rapper recently caught wind of the speculation and promptly responded denying allegations stating "it wasn’t true".

Releasing a statement through the Wall Street Journal, Big Boi admitted that the deal was once mentioned to him but he maintains that it was never agreed upon. "They reached out to my team a while back", said the Atlanta rapper. "I was on my way back from Canada, they started saying I was set to be on there. .. and it wasn’t true". He pressed on explaining, "I don’t know. I’ve been on the road…. I was in Montreal. I just got back to Atlanta today. I really don’t know enough about what’s going on out there, you know?… They were talking to my team but I don’t know what happened after that. I never said yes or no, ever".

Although fans can't be sure to expect Big Boi to appear on the reality show this edition, one thing that can be looked forward to is the rapper's upcoming sockline. Bestowing himself "Sir Lucious Left Foot" he divulged, "They will be very colorful, you know. Some have images of pitbulls on them, also some with gold chains and medallions. A lot of different designs and very, very colorful. It reflects my personality. I can’t wait for people to get them. I’ve been rocking for a few weeks now, the samples. They’re comfy".

He also touched on the history of his sock fetish saying, "If you go back a few years, me and Andre 3000 always be into socks, and such. Right, it’s just part of your whole get up, part of your whole outfit. I just want to bring a fresh layer to it". Also, later mentioning where it all began, "My childhood. One of my passions has always been flip flops and socks. That’s what we do down here in  the South".

In addition, Big Boi also just wrapped a remix with Cee-Lo Green and Janelle Monae for "Electric Lady."

[via Wall Street Journal]