The visual for "P.O.P." is finally here. Last month, Belly released behind the scenes footage for the video after initially dropping it, and after further review, it's now safe to say the video is just as appealing as the Canadian rapper's bars.

Belly's latest vid sees him surrounded by beautiful women as he literally worships the ground they walk on. Blac Chyna appears during the fourth verse, which is fairly amusing since she sways while Belly raps, "You were seduced by a sin, don't let Lucifer in/She took you for everything, you let her do it again." The suave lyricist is out to prove "P.O.P." is really out here holding it down in more ways than one. Catch the sensual visual in its entirety below.

“I think women in general have always been the focal point of art since the beginning,” Belly told Complex while discussing the single. “Arguably the most famous work of art is the Mona Lisa. One of the inspirations I have always had for my music is women. Being in love, the heartbreak that comes with it. For me ‘P.O.P.’ is a song about the human experience and what we go through as humans on a day to day."

"P.O.P." may be amongst the list of songs a few Canada officials find offensive, seeing that they weren't thrilled with Belly's last performance. In early July, the "Consuela" rapper performed during Canada Day, and though some weren't entertained by his profanity-filled performance, video of his set proves otherwise. “They will never censor my art,” the 33-year-old stated. “Organizers were made aware that I would be swearing during my show before I even flew into Toronto.'"

Watch the "P.O.P." visuals below, along with behind the scenes footage from the shoot.

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