After the investigation into Bankroll Fresh's death was officially closed last month, new footage of the final moments before he was killed has surfaced.

On Tuesday (July 17), Atlanta news outlet 11Alive shared a roughly two-minute clip of an altercation between the rapper and No Plug, which was apparently the catalyst for Bankroll Fresh being gunned down in March 4, 2016. In the brief video, fellow rapper No Plug is seen walking into Atlanta’s Street Execs Studio. Bankroll quickly confronts him and a fight erupts. Neither of the men had guns at the time but several other men present at the scene were reportedly armed.

Minutes after the altercation, the men peel away from the scene in a Dodge Charger only to return with firearms. Bankroll meets them outside with a SKS rifle, as he's backed by his entourage who also have their guns drawn. Bankroll fires the first shot toward the vehicle and the men in the Charger retaliate, shattering the glass on the front door. It's at this point that authorities believe Bankroll suffered a bullet to his right hip.

The "M.O.B." rapper is later seen being carried out of the recording studio to be taken to the local area hospital. Bankroll died of his injuries just a few hours later.

Back in 2017, only the last minute or so of the surveillance video was released in an attempt to piece together what caused the shooting. In light of the new footage, police have concluded that Bankroll was killed as an act of self-defense and have since closed the case.

Take a look at the harrowing footage of what happened before Bankroll Fresh's death below.

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