The death of Bankroll Fresh last year still weighes heavily on the hip-hop community and his loved ones, but his legacy continues to flourish in his absence. The late Atlanta rapper's team is preparing to release his posthumous album, In Bank We Trust, and they've just released a trailer in the midst of the anticipation.

In the trailer, we see Fresh setting upon his musical journey of becoming a staple in Atlanta. Not only is there footage of his performances, as well as some spontaneous freestyles, but we also get a glimpse of a fight between him and No Plug, as well as their entourages. Plug ended up fatally shooting the "Walked In" rapper in front of an Atlanta studio following their scuffle. Bankroll's death came as a huge shock to his fans and the hip-hop community, leading to a packed house at his funeral the week following his tragic death.

The footage of the fight can be caught around the 0:25 mark in the video, which then leads to footage of his funeral and family reactions.

The album was originally supposed to drop on April 24, but there's no exact release date in place, though Bankroll's team tells XXL the album is set to drop by the end of June at the latest.

Watch the new album trailer that follows Bankroll before and after his death below to see all of the footage unfold. If you missed it, read our exclusive interview with Bankroll's mother about his life story.

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