B.o.B may be stepping away from the rap game. The Atlanta eccentric announced on Instagram today (June 28) that he plans to release a new album titled NAGA, which he says will be his final project. The full-length drops on July 5, according to his post.

"I got hard in the muthafkn paint NAGA • JULY 5TH," B.o.B wrote. He also included the hashtags #palmsupallsummer18 and #lastalbum.

The "Strange Clouds" artist is coming off a 2017 in which he dropped his fourth and fifth studio albums, Ether and The Upside Down, and appeared on the Grand Hustle Records compilation, We Want Smoke. He also organized the third-annual BoBWood Fest in Atlanta.

But it's been a minute since B.o.B was recognized as much for his music as his conspiratorial points of view. The rapper launched a flat-earth fundraiser last September, shortly before questioning whether slave ships ever existed, and publicly feuded in January with Bill Nye the Science Guy about planetary systems.

Whether or not the spitter is committed to hanging up his microphone, he has ambitions beyond the booth. B.o.B discussed his acting goals in an interview last June with XXL.

"Really, getting into acting. I mean, not to sound cliché, but I get enjoyment out of that, my artistic side, producing shit, putting shit together, you know?" he said. "I think it’s good when you’re able to do something creatively and you don’t have to do it ’cause you necessarily need the money, you know? Even though you’re getting paid, it’s not like you need it, you just like doing it and that’s the ultimate goal as an artist, to be able to get to that point to just do whatever you wanna do."

Bobby dropped a vide for the song "Cuello" in April, but it's unclear whether the song will land on NAGA's tracklist. You can view the project's cover art and B.o.B's Instagram post below.

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