B.o.B caused a huge stir in January when claimed that the Earth was flat on Twitter. Things got so out of control that renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson responded to B.o.B's claims. That response eventually led to the two exchanging diss tracks. With all of that in mind, it might not sound like the Atlanta rapper is the right man to drop a mixtape in honor of Earth Day. Bu that's exactly Bobby Ray did.

B.o.B released a new mixtape titled E.A.R.T.H. which he says stands for Educational Avatar Reality Training Habitat. The project sees the "Back and Forth" rapper tackling subjects like climate change and dinosaurs. The strangest record on the entire project is "Fkn' Science Bro," which sees B.o.B gets indignant over people with degrees and published research telling him what's a fact. It all feels like more push back against Neil deGrasse Tyson, who spoke to XXL about why B.o.B's statements were so troublesome.

"Innovations in science and technology are the engines of this century’s economy," Tyson said. "And they are the foundations of our health, our longevity, our security and like I said our wealth. If you are going to breed a generation of people by whatever influence you have power over to not understand what science is and how and why it works, you are undermining our ability to stimulate our health and our wealth and our security. You’re undermining our ability to maintain that or to grow it or improve it."

You can stream B.o.B's new mixtape below or download it via DatPiff.

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