Audio Push just wants to "Spread Love" in the new visual for their song of the same name. You can check out their heartwarming new video above.

"Spread Love" is the Cali rap duo's first single from their debut album 90951, which is set to drop later this month. The new track, which features silky vocals from Eric Choice in the hook, sees Oktane and Price explain the need to spread love in a world where "niggas gettin' killed every day, from Iran to the block."

The "Spread Love" video takes us on a journey through what we assume is the Inland, Empire, Calif. block Oktane and Price grew up on. In the vid. we see tenants of the block enjoying the summer sunshine. Teens are dancing, dice games are being played and Audio Push is cruising. Everything is beautiful.

Back in April XXL caught up with Audio Push, and they were already talking big about their debut album. “We just know what we wanna say,” said Price. “We know what our message is. We feel like we know who our fans are. We have a foundation of fans and we’ve just grown, so now we’re finally at a place where we can stand on something. We know a lot of artists that put their debut album out and they hate ‘em. Can’t stand ‘em,” he added.

Oktane agreed with Price, saying, “We never wanted to be those guys. I need to put out my debut album and be like, ‘Nigga, that’s my debut album!'”

Fans can hear the full extent of Oktane and Price's message when 90951 drops on Sept. 23. Keep it locked with XXL for more Audio Push updates.

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