Audio Push delivers an appropriately West Coast visual for "Leftside," a track from their debut album, 90951. See the duo pay tribute to California in the video up top.

The new visual finds Price and Oktane posted up with their people as they light joint after joint in the place where the "pretty girls are live" and the "real niggas" are readily certified. Oktane is in a pool hall surrounded by weed when he sets things off in the first verse. "Success is the greatest revenge for fake friends/That don't want to see you ballin' in a Benz," he raps in his first two bars. "You ever bossed up? Then you know just what this is
I had to make the soundtrack for everytime we win."

In Price's verse, he raps from atop a typical Cali soul food restaurant as he touches on the violence of his hometown. "Where I'm from, niggas feel like they won when they see 30," he says. "They killed Hefty and his 9 years old son, these streets is dirty." The video then switches to the scene of he and Oktane hanging out with their friends once again as the song goes into the hook and the video ends.

Price and Okatane have been putting in some serious work this year, releasing two projects in the last eight months. If their 2017 is anything like their 2016, they're headed for even bigger things.

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