When the vibe is right, individual artists joining forces is usually a win-win for all parties involved. Antwon, RatKing's Wiki and Lil Ugly Mane come together on wax for the first time to debut their new group Secret Circle. Produced by Lil Ugly Mane's alias Shawn Kemp, the three MCs dropped off the Secret Circle teaser yesterday (June 9) and prove they can go bar for bar without missing a beat. Antwon starts things off in nasty, comical fashion.

"Twon strike fear in niggas like I'm period blood/If you ain't eating booty on top, you minimum thug/I'm in the club, 30 deep, freaks peakin' on drugs/You in the spot too, buggin like 'girl where is my hug?'"

Wiki's higher pitched flow vibes well with the G-funk inspired beat.

"I'm on my grown man lone man/He askin for a loan man, no man, I'm hopin/Shit start going well my motive keep it going/Before I go to hell get some horns, grow a tail/Three point staff in his palm, arm on the scale/We gone have the cash by the grant and go blow it still."

Last but not least, Ugly Mane unapologetically gets his orgy on.

"Ugly actin hella inappropriate, loud pack and opiates/Had her bust it open sent the flicks to my associates/Rode the dick, she was gettin most of it/Skeeted in her mouth to keep it far from the fallopian/Told her call her friends now the bed on overflow/Gettin titties motorboats, my dick look like a totem pole."

The only question is whose got the hottest bars out of the trio? Check out their first teaser track as a group and let us know.

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