Hello and welcome to Ante Up, XXL’s podcast where the hip-hop and sports worlds collide. For the 17th episode of our sports podcast, XXL‘s Manny Maduakolam and Roger Krastz sat down with the HS87 collective, Audio Push.

Kicking off their conversation in this week's episode, the fellas talk about the Los Angeles Lakers' victory against the defending world champions, the Golden State Warriors. The rap duo speaks on the impact of Stephen Curry in the 2015-16 NBA season thus far and the chemistry of the Warriors team. Price and Oktane touch on the legacy of Kobe Bryant in California and how the Lakers will fair in the next couple of years.

The IE rappers then open up to the XXL guys about their city and the sports stars that have came up from their neighborhood such as NBA All-Star Kawhi Leonard. Audio Push closes out the podcast speaking about their love for the game of basketball and their plansfor the rest of 2016.


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