Its been a long road to success for Angel Haze. After the 21-year-old Michigan born rapper made a splash in hip-hop with her Reservation EP, she is ready to make another one with her Universal Republic debut Dirty Gold. She is determined to place her stamp in hip-hop, starting with an album that will show her growth as an artist.

Haze has been recording the majority of Dirty Gold in L.A. where she feels much more inspired than ever. While Haze recorded Reservation in New York, she is looking to soak up experiences at different places to help her creative process.

“Everything has been so inspiring. It is such a chill place,” she explains to XXL. “Everything is so far apart and no one can really get to me. I can just be alone in my own zone.”

Haze announced the title of her debut album shortly after signing the dotted line with Universal. In previous interviews, she described the title as a representation of the current stage of her life. Just as fitting as her latest mixtape Classick showcased her lyrical confessionals, Haze wanted the album to portray a diamond in the ruff mantra. At the same time, it gives us another taste of her lighter side.

“It’s kind of way I perceive myself and a million other people. People that come from nothing, come from underground. Come from disgusting places with vile pasts,” she said. “It’s also the name of one of my favorite bands. When I thought about it, I was like, ‘Oh! Let’s do this.’ So I texted the lead singer [of Dirty Gold], “Yeah, your name is going to be the name of my album.” He’s like, ‘So cool!’”

Although Haze has been steadily working on Dirty Gold, it is currently pushed back from a tentative spring release to sometime in the fall. The album is far from completion, but she estimates that is “45 to 50 percent complete.” She also wouldn’t reveal any details on its first single, but reassures fans that it is worth the wait.

“We can’t give it away. It doesn’t heighten the suspense at all. It actually nullifies it,” she said. “But, I look forward to releasing it and I hope it is everything that I intend for it to be.”—Eric Diep (@E_Diep)

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