Homosexuality is taboo in the hip-hop culture, making it difficult at times for artists who do fall under that umbrella to openly embrace it. Although she’s not a fan of labels, Angel Haze wrote an article for Noisey discussing why coming out isn’t a big deal and the stigmatism of being gay in a heterosexual dominated culture.

The 2013 XXL Freshman has been through her share of abuse because of her sexuality, but has proven through music and poetry that her voice will not be silenced. Admitting to being raped several times and being taunted as a “homo rapper”, Haze offers advice to those dealing with similar struggles.

“Being gay in hip-hop is still really stigmatized. There are so many people in this world that are closet homosexuals. I guess I'm "out," but people ask me what my sexuality is all the time and I always tell them that it doesn’t matter—You don’t deserve to go through that and you don’t have to let that define who you are.”

She goes on to talk about artists who influence her and why there was hesitation in releasing “Same Love”.

“I was so reluctant to do “Same Love,” because I get so caught up on people thinking of me as a queer rapper, I don’t discuss my sexuality in my music. But I’ve always said to myself that an artist is a person who has something to say and isn’t just a part of the noise. Adele is one of those artists for me. So are Frank Ocean and J. Cole, people who have something genuine to say and won’t just add to the room full of chatter.”—Morgan Murrell


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