Andy Mineo may not be a household name yet, but the New York rapper is definitely on the rise and his latest achievement should serve as proof. Earlier this year, Mineo's hit song, "You Can't Stop Me," was certified gold after moving over 500,000 copies.

Mineo wrote the song with Alex Medina and Gabriel Azucena (GAWVI), and Medina and GAWVI produced the track for the rhymer's Never Land EP. “I told my mom I went gold and she didn’t know what that meant, and I was immediately humbled,” Mineo said of the achievement. “It’s incredible we did this without any radio play. A small, dedicated team from Reach Records and Miner League gave this record all they had and the organic sharing of my fans started this wave."

The rapper went on to thank his fans, as well as the people who placed "You Can't Stop Me" on streaming services playlists. "It shows that without my fans I wouldn’t be able to do this music thing for a living," he continued. "Shout out to the playlist programmers who gave the record a chance. I’m thankful for everyone who believed, felt encouraged, and shared the record."

With over 51 million streams, "You Can't Stop Me" owes some of its success to Spotify. The curated Spotify playlist Beast Mode, which features the song, is responsible for 100,000 of the units that "You Can't Stop Me" moved.

Mineo also recently revealed how the hit song came to be and how his DJ inspired the track. According to the "Dunk Contest" MC, the song title came after the DJ screamed "you can't stop me" to Mineo at an Auntie Anne's at an airport after the rapper teased him about his diet.

Last year, Mineo teamed up with Wordsplayed to drop the mixtape Magic & Bird. The 13-track project features guest appearances from Judo and Beam and includes the songs "Kidz" and "Lay Up."

Check out Mineo's Instagram post on his recent gold accolade below.


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