Lemme find out Amil’s on some gangsta shit now. I guess after getting dropped by the Roc she got into some crazy street sh*t.

Shorty used Jeezy’s “Go Crazy” beat to talk about, “What y’all bitches know about having 22 G’s stacked, rubber band up in a fake Louis bag / going to cop a bird in a ’93 Max / it’s me, the .308, all you gotta do is reach back / Bitch! What the fuck do you know--bought having a Mex connect, Chulo / and countin’ every last stack he bought in front of the nigga before he claim he short / Now what you know about the uncut true white? And makin’ muthafuckin’ 8 grand in two nights…”

Aside from all the Perico talk, notice how she mentioned having 22 G’s in a fake Louis bag? How you have 22 G’s and have a fake anything? If you have guap like that then the only thing that should be fake is your titties. Which wouldn’t hurt her, by the way. You know shorty's going through hard times if she got 22 G’s and can’t spend a dime of it on a real Louis bag. At least a JanSport jumpoff. Guess her man got her on smash something horrible. But that’s neither here nor there, back to the mixtape.

Since her “Can I Get A...” days, Amil’s been known to be an average rapper. What made her stand out amongst her female peers though was her raspy voice. Which turned out to be a double-edged sword, 'cause God knows that after two songs her voice gets too annoying to listen to. Which explains why her album flopped.

I wasn’t a fan then and I’m not a fan now, but I have to be fair, and the truth is this mixtape wasn’t bad at all. It was actually good. But you have to really take it in portions if you’re like me and get annoyed by the voice easily.

This mixtape does have it’s share of substance and a perception of life through a woman’s eyes that you won’t get from most female rappers. Joints like that Easy Mo Bee-produced “Bitches,” where she speaks like a woman scorned about not trusting females and how they’re backstabbers and opportunists. “Hate My Baby Daddy” is self explanatory and on “Tears” she builds about baby daddy’s who rather buy themselves Jordan’s than diapers for their kids. That’s real talk. Some dudes be slacking hardbody on their responsibilities just to be fly on some Jeff Goldblum shit.

All in all, she dropped a respectable mixtape. Had good production, good instrumentals were used and her rhymes were as always, average. And for some reason these days, average is the standard. So she’s good. But what helped the cause was that she had a lot of content. Too bad her voice is annoying.---The Infamous Omar

Hottest Joint: "Bitches"

Weakest Joint
: "Love Me/Hate Me"