The paint work on Yung LA's face tattoo has barely dried, but one displeased party is already calling for him to cover it up. LA's ink has a close resemblance with the logo for Duct Tape Entertainment [see below], home to Co-CEOs/rappers Alley Boy and Big Bank Black, and AB told that the Atlanta rapper didn't get the label's approval for the tat.

"He didn’t sit down with any of the heads at Duct Tape," Alley told, clarifying that LA is not signed with the imprint. "[Yung LA] aint’ get the okay from none one of us and ain’t none one of us told you nothin’ about you having nothing to do with Duct Tape. You dead wrong."

To the casual observer, LA's tattoo is just a duck. To Alley, the logo represents loyalty. "There are people willing to lay down their life for that logo, we’re a real close knit family," said the Duct Tape honcho , who's also signed to Atlantic Records as an artist.

Asked what he believes was the motivation behind the artwork, Alley said: "I guess he ran into my lil’ homies and shit, kickin’ it with them. You know they drinkin’ lean, smokin’ together…I guess he took that [as] being cool with some Duct Tape members, but they can’t tell you to go put nothin’ on your face.”

“He’s gonna have [to get] like a pendant or a star or somethin’ to cover that shit,” Alley added. “It’s like an ex-boyfriend name or somethin’, he finna get that shit covered-up.”

Claiming that T.I.'s Grand Hustle imprint, is no longer Yung's label home, Alley thinks the “Ain’t I” rapper tried to associate himself with Duct Tape in order protect himself in his hometown. “At the end of the day when he fell out with Grand Hustle I guess he felt like that would’ve been a great move for him because ‘if I got Duct tape behind me, ain’t nobody gonna be to quick to fuck with me out in the streets.’

As of press time Yung LA has yet to return phone calls for comment.

Stay tuned to XXLMag,com for more on the story.—Henry Adaso with reporting by Rob Markman