Afroman has had some of tour dates canceled after punching a female fan in the face at a show earlier this week. The "Because I Got High" rapper previously had seven dates scheduled in the coming weeks, but according to TMZ, two of the venues have already canceled the 40-year old's shows.

First to pull out was the Park Street Saloon in Columbus, Ohio, who canceled their Mar. 13 show minutes after seeing TMZ's video of Afroman hitting the fan went viral. The other venue, Ziggy's By The Sea in Wilmington, N.C., told TMZ that they were forced to cancel the show after seeing the footage as well. Ziggy's apparently has a Christian audience, who they said wouldn't tolerate the incident that took place in Biloxi, Miss. Tuesday night (Feb. 17).

Another venue is still on the fence about canceling, while the rest are prepared to go on as scheduled. After performing in Georgia last night, the Cali MC said, "The venue supported with excellent security and everyone had a great time."

A rep from Afroman's camp told TMZ that the security at the Biloxi, Miss. show was weak, and the MC didn't even realize the fan that approached him was a woman. Since the incident, Afroan has apologized for his actions, admitting that he was wrong as he explained the circumstances that lead up to the punch.

"When people get on stage you don’t know what they’re doing," he explained. "You don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m just trying to finish up and do my job. I thought it was that guy and I turned around and man."

As of now, it looks like the remaining five shows on Afroman's tour will still go on. Next up is Manchester 65 in West Warwick, R.I.


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