The West Coast duo of AD and Sorry Jaynari keep the videos coming from their Last of the '80s album. Now with number four from the project, they keep it simple by showcasing a vintage low rider Chevy in the sunset.

Instead of doing too much in the video, the focus stays on AD's cautionary lyrics about violence in the streets. He isn't shy to share he stays strapped since the game can get "weird" but he also looks out for the kids choosing to pick up a gun out of haste: "Don't grab the rock if you ain't ready/Better learn to dribble." He also mentions the possibility that his current rap career is a second chance he's received in life to become something, with the line, "Young and ballin' but I got it off a rebound."

Although Sorry Jaynari doesn't make an appearance in the video, AD brought some homies to show off some very clean crip-walking. As AD and the Chevy creep along the streets, it's easy to picture him doing the same on any other day of the week on his block.

You can watch the new video for AD and Sorry Jaynari's "40's" below.

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