When one would normally be rehearsing, Action Bronson could be found feeding fans at a food truck sponsored by Ray Ban’s Envision Series. Chatting with Vice Eats prior to his performance, Bronson spoke about the experience telling of his past, present, and future passion for food with hopes to one day even open a food truck of his own.

“The dishes that I made today, the Chicken From France with the aioli is something special. I learned that from a French chef that I worked with,” told Bronson of the dishes he prepared for that day. “The lamb burger is something that I came up with. I mean, I’m sure a lot of people do variations of it, but this is my version…I want my own food truck. I’m about to change the game.”

Once a worker in his father's restaurant and also naming his premiere mixtape "Bon Appetite", it's only right for the rapper to divulge back into the world of grub!