Village Voice's 4Knots Music festival is a fantastic experience.

Held at South Street Seaport, from 1-8 p.m. fans get to listen to great bands while surrounded by good food, cool games and a beer garden. You can't beat that. The bands for the 4th Annual 4Knots Music Festival were Dinosaur Jr., Mac DeMarco, Those Darlins, Speedy Ortiz, Radkey, Viet Cong, Nude Beach, Juan Wauters, Re-TROS, and Dead Stars. But the real fun was later on at night.

The 4Knots Music Festival After Party featured young upstart YC the Cynic, 2014 XXL Freshman Jarren Benton and TDE member Ab-Soul at Webster Hall last night (July 12). YC the Cynic was a great opening act, displaying a lot of energy. After some technical difficulties and delays, out came Jarren Benton. A big amount of respect goes to the drummer. He came out with a clown mask that reminded you of the movie It. He couldn't bring his drum set to Webster Hall so instead he used a bucket and two cymbals. Benton rattled off "Billion Buck," "My Grandma's Basement" and "Move Back" with lighting speed. Seriously, the speed in which Benton raps is inhuman. Next he perform "Skitzo," a crowd favorite, while his hypemen threw around a yellow ballon with a smiley face on it. Benton followed up by jumping in the audience to perform "Gimme The Loot." Crowd participation was the theme for Benton's performance. He invited the entire front row of the audience onto the stage while he performed "Shut Up Bitch."

Out next came the star of the night TDE's Ab-Soul, turing the crowd into a frenzy while he shouted "I just might be in your hood." He started the night off with cuts off of Control System like "Track Two," followed by "Pineal Gland" and "Terrorist Threats." Fresh off the release of his new album These Days..., Soulo began to perform cuts off his newest project, beginning with the title track "These Days." He was surprised when his buddy Mac Miller joined him on stage. Next was "Just Have Fun," "Twact," "Dub Sac" and "Hunnid Stax," which he performed with Mac Miller. His next surprise guest was Asaad and they performed "Stigmata" together. The night was continued with Soul performing more hits and he continually thanked the crowd for attending. Everyone at Webster Hall was apart of the revolution.