A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie knows how to make a club record. Prior to releasing his debut album, The Bigger Artist, last September, The Bronx native racked up two platinum singles (“My Shit” and “Drowning”), two gold (“Jungle” and “Timeless”) and headlined his own worldwide tour. Gearing up for the release of a new mixtape finds Boogie in the studio with a bunch of big-name artists who have taken a liking to the young MC. He’s also been focused on making Highbridge the Label, his imprint under Atlantic Records, pop.

With Boogie’s eyes focused on the future, XXL spoke to the Atlantic Records artist about his whirlwind 2017, what he’s got coming next and that weird skirmish he and his buddy PnB Rock got into with Bay Area rapper Lil B at the 2017 Rolling Loud Bay Area festival in October.

XXL: What’s life like right now?

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie: My life is amazing. I’m on tour; I got my first overseas tour. I still don’t even know what to think of it. I’m still in the moment.

Who have you been working with outside of your recent album?

Lately, I’ve been working with artists like Rick Ross, Lil Bibby, G Herbo, Chief Keef. I feel like the whole Chicago I made a song with. I made a song with T.I., YFN Lucci. I got a whole bunch of features going on right now. I’m looking forward to making a mixtape soon. I got a whole bunch of records and I don’t really like releasing one song at a time, even though I’m going to do it a few times.

What sound are you going for with the new tape?

This time, it’s not an album, so I want more party vibes. My album, I made it how I wanted it to be. I wanted it to be a one through 13. You play and continue through the whole thing. The mixtape, I want just vibes, party vibes, turn-up songs with different melodies. Just have some fun with it. You never know who will be on there.

What’s next for your record label, Highbridge?

The next move for us is looking for more artists before we drop our next mixtape. We’re trying to really build out the whole label instead of it just being me and [my artist] Don Q. It’s hard but we’re going to do it.

What are you looking for when signing new talent?

To be honest, I don’t know what I’m looking for but I’m looking for it.

You have a daughter now. How’s fatherhood treating you?

Fatherhood is amazing, especially in this lifestyle. It’s unique, it’s easier to support my child but it’s hard to be around her as much as I want to. But, it’s a blessing to be able to support them and the experience. I’m learning new things and everything is going great right now.She was born on Valentine’s Day. My baby is healthy, smiling every day and laughing.

What happened at Rolling Loud with Lil B? He claimed that you, PnB and your boys jumped him right before he was supposed to perform because he allegedly made negative comments about you on Twitter?

It wasn’t really an issue at Rolling Loud, it was, like I said, a social media thing. It was a big misunderstanding.

And you guys got on the phone and squashed the beef not long after. What was the call about?

The media made it seem more of a big deal. It was a phone call. That was all it needed was a phone call.

Would y’all ever make music together down the line?

Yeah, maybe. Things change so we maybe can probably do something with him if we link up again, man.

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