[Editor's Note: This Originally appeared in XXLMag.com Feb. 2014]

Today, news broke that a fan was put in a Torture Rack by Action Bronson in Chapel Hill, N.C. This isn't the first and probably won't be the last that this will happen. Action hates stage interruptions by fans. Here are nine other times things got crazy on stage.

Action Bronson In Seattle

In Seattle, Action Bronson manhandled a fan like a piece of tissue.

Action Bronson Judo Throw To Arm Bar In Florida

A fan tries to attempt to hug action gets slammed on stage at a recent show in Florida.

Action Bronson Body Slams Fan In Boston

A fan hops on stage with Action Bronson, who then promptly gets body slammed.

Action Bronson Puts Fan In Timeout

Action Bronson put a grown ass man in the corner, enough said.

Action Bronson Stage Dives In Toronto

Big Body Action Bronson goes flying into the crowd while in Toronto and gives one heck of a performance.

Action Bronson Tosses Bags Of Medical Marijuana Into Coachella Crowd

To celebrate 4/20 aka stoner holiday at Coachella last year, Action Bronson throws out weed into the crowd. Christmas came early.


Action Bronson Throws Steaks In Brooklyn

Action Bronson along with Flatbush Zombies, Meyhem Lauren, Tanya Morgan invaded Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY for a concert back in August 2013. Bronson was once again Santa Claus and gave the crowd fresh steaks. Two nicely wrapped steaks from the Bronson's favorite restaurant, Peter Luger's.

“Strictly For My Jeeps”

Action Bronson In Toronto

Action Bronson performed a concert at the Danforth Music Hall in Toronto back in October 2013. In a concert review by Now Toronto, the writer wasn't pleased about a particular moment where Bronson allegedly brought a woman onstage and he proceeded to throw her over his shoulders, inappropriately touched her and then “tossed her away like a piece of trash.” Bronson would later respond to the piece. Read full story here.

Action Performs With Fan On His Shoulders At 2013 SXSW

Bronson literally picked a fan up and performed with him on his shoulders. Big Body would be proud.

Bronson Throws Weed In The Crowd In Front Of NYPD

With the NYPD in the area Bronson tosses out weed at Red Hook, Brooklyn back in June 2012.

Action Bronson punches stage invader before throwing him offstage during Lovebox set

In London, Bronson punches and tosses a stage crasher off stage likes a rag doll.