The Lo-Life movement is alive and well in the Big Apple. Now 6 years and running, the Polo Godfather Rack-Lo hosted another live “Lo Goose on the Deuce” this past Saturday in Times Square. It was a family affair with all NYC teams present, including RLPC, AYAK, RFC and PJC, and even members from Lo-Life South and Lo-Life Canada assembled at the "Red Stairs". Amongst the crowd was LL General Thirstin’ Howl III, the Internetz’ own Dallas Penn, and hip-hop writer Bonz Malone. It was a sea of Suicide Ski gooses, Aztec and Beacon prints, bear sweaters, Indian heads and Polo spellouts dating as far back as the late 80’s. The affinity for vintage clothing may be a part of it, but the camaraderie is certainly the other. No one minded the cold as they reminisced about the good old days and continued building for the future. Confused tourists and native New Yorkers alike looked on as the evening progressed, leading up to the main event.

Stephen “Prance Lo” Corbie took home the trophy for “Best Goose” with a 1988 buttery red leather. Prance must have known he was going home with something; he was already smoking a celebratory cigar before getting crowned! But the night belonged to the self-proclaimed “Sochi Lo”, Cesare Smith. Cez took the gold for “Best Dressed Head to Toe” with a complete 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics ensemble. From the boots and socks to the pants and belt, the gloves, hat, and scarf, to the sweater and trench coat, Cez topped it off with the limited edition cardigan. Congrats to the crownholders, until next year!