The original date for the seventh annual, “Lo Goose on the Deuce” was the day of the Jonas blizzard, yet everyone was ready to step into the snow and shine on those red stairs in the middle of Time Square. It wasn’t until the MTA cancelled train service that the event’s founder, Rack Lo, postponed the anticipated "Lo Goose on the Deuce" event to this past Saturday, Jan. 30.

The temperature was just right, cold enough to rock a goose, but not brick enough to make a quick cameo and dip. Perhaps the biggest turnout yet, attendees congregated in Times Square around 9pm. It was a mass of OG Lo-Lifes, the new generation of LL’s from as far as Japan (Montreal LL’s were there in spirit as they had come down the weekend prior), affiliated crews (AYAK, RFC, RLPC, PJC, Team Magnificent), and wide-eyed newbie collectors, who had just bought their first goose. It was all love though, as the murmur for best goose and best dressed grew with anticipation. The crowd was peppered with hip hop artists (Sadat X, El Da Sensei, Shaz Illyork), graf writers and artists, all of whom have been influenced by Ralph Lauren at some point in their craft. Clueless New Yorkers had that “WTF” look on their faces, they just didn’t know! And to tourists, it must have been something spectacular to see the bright lights of Times Square complemented by all the pops of color at eye level. Gooses from ’87 all the way to current ’16 models were showcased, all in hopes of snagging one of Rack’s coveted trophies. By far, the most popular goose was this season’s 2016 Transcontinental Expedition Parka.

The festivities began with the ladies. Alisha (Boston, MA) took the gold for best goose with a crisp Uni, white as snow. Let’s not mention the matching blowup Uni sweater! BK Stacey, dipped in Indian everything and highlighted by a ’94 Indian knit, won best dressed head to toe.

Best Goose for the fellas took a minute, as last year’s crown- holder, Prance Lo, went head-to-head with new contender Victor Chez. Prance sported a 1-of-1 white leather goose sample from a few years back, while Chez donned a sleek lambskin black leather goose. For the first time since Lo Goose’s inception in 2010, Rack-Lo concluded with a split decision.

The night belonged to Cousin Jay (Jist-Lo), who came strong last year but was disqualified for rocking some Fruit of the Loom thermals (yes it’s that serious!). Leaving nothing to chance this time, he unveiled a '90s era Polo Sport fleece onesie that baffled everyone. Not many veterans paid any mind to the Snow Beach hoody underneath, part of a RL line that’s "nothing special" to seasoned collectors, but heralded among new jack hypebeasts. Chants of “Onesie! Onesie! Onesie!” took over and it was a wrap.

Congrats to Cousin Jay, not only did you take home the trophy but a new moniker, Onesie-Lo!

Photography by: Steven Lau (@slphotographies)

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