Roughly six months ago, 6LACK blessed the world with "Ex Calling," his own take on Future's Purple Reign gem, "Perky's Calling." Now, he's served up a haunting new visual for the track, and you can peep it for yourself up top.

In the shadowy black and white video, 6LACK almost looks more like Cowboy Bebop's Spike Spiegel than a rising star as he wanders aimlessly through of strip clubs and other parts of town by himself. He's actually playing the part of someone who just really doesn't want to hear from his ex—and that's totally understandable. In the song he says, "We been through some things yeah/Thought I could restrain ya/I don't wanna tame ya/Impossible to change ya," letting us know that he's got no interest in trying to reconnect with his ex anytime soon, even if that's all she's interested in.

Back in November, XXL profiled the Atlanta artist for The Break, and we learned that he actually didn't start singing until 2011, and that he was heavily influenced by 1990s R&B. “Initially [he listened to] a lot of early R&B, whatever my mom was listening to, so a lot of Brandy, SWV, stuff like that. [I realized I could sing] very recently, maybe like 2011. I started to think, ‘Maybe I can hold a note’ and then I got more into it because I thought vocals were interesting. As a kid I would sing in secrecy but I never thought nothing of it. As I started working on music I think I tiptoed into it."

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