42 Dugg is a free man after being released from prison this week.

42 Released From Prison

On Monday (Oct. 16), 42 Dugg walked out of United States Penitentiary Atlanta after serving over a year behind bars, XXL has confirmed via the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He spent 18 months in prison. In the Detroit rapper's first post-prison photo, he poses with label boss Yo Gotti. Both of the rappers hold up middle fingers in front of a fleet of cars.

Back in April, Dugg was sentenced to one year in prison for failure to report, in an ongoing saga that originated with the rapper catching gun charges back in 2020. In May, Dugg spoke out about the horrendous conditions he was facing while behind bars, with the rapper claiming that he was being required to heat up his food with water from the shower.

"Ain't no microwave, I can't get no visits from my family, nothing," he wrote in a since-deleted post. "I'm sure they gone do some more illegal s**t but what I ’pose to die in this b***h for probation violation?"

A few days later, Yo Gotti offered $2 million to any lawyer who could get the rapper out early.

"I got $2 million for any lawyer that can get Dugg out early," Gotti wrote on his Instagram Story. "[That's] what I want for my birthday #FreeDoggy."

It looks like Gotti's birthday wish came true.

42 and Yo Gotti

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Video of 42 Dugg's Release

Video has come out of the moment when was Dugg released. In the clip, which can be seen below, the CMG rapper is still wearing his prison-issued grey sweatsuit and slides. He jogs over to an awaiting vehicle while smiling from ear-to-ear.

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See video of 42 Dugg being released from prison below.

Watch the Moment 42 Dugg Received His Freedom

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