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I'm getting old. December 23rd will mark my 22nd year on earth. While I can't buy the nightspot nor do I an immaculate credit score, I feel like it's time I do a little growing up myself. 21 is the last year you're
really allowed to do a bunch of irresponsible foolishness and blame it all on age. Therefore, 22's the new 30.

So as any critic likes to do around this time, the '84 Baby's year end list...or better know as:


Top 10 Verses

1) Lil' Wayne on "Hollywood Divorce"

If you can body Andre 3000, you deserve the verse of the year

2) T.I. on "I'm Talkin To You" 3rd Verse
3) Andre 3000 on "Walk It Out Remix"
4) Killer Mike on "That's Life"
5) Pusha T on "Chevy Ridin High Remix"
6) Lupe on "Daydreamin" 2nd Verse
7) Jay-Z on "Trouble" 3rd Verse
8) Lil' Wayne - "Cannon Remix"
9) Joe Budden on "Broken Wings"
10) Prodigy on "Pearly Gates"

Honorable Mentions: Pusha T on "Momma I'm So Sorry", Pusha T on "Keys Open Doors", Ludacris "Grew Up A Screw Up" 3rd verse, Nas on "Why You Hate The Game", Jay-Z on "Beach Chair" & "Corporate Takeover"

Best (I use that term loosely) Albums:

1) T.I. - King

What You Know is the best song of the best album, period.

2) Clipse - Hell Hath No Fury
3) Nas - Hip Hop Is Dead
4) DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Dedication 2
5) Game - Doctor's Advocate

Best Mixtapes

1) Dedication 2

This is not even a debate

2) Can't Ban The Snowman
3) Return Of The Yardfather
4) Living Legends Chapter 1
5) Lil Weeziana

Top 10 Singles:

1) T.I. - What You Know
2) Jim Jones - We Fly High
3) Game - One Blood
4) Rick Ross - Hustlin
5) Chamillionaire - Ridin Dirty
6) Rich Boy - Throw Some D's
7) Lil Wayne & Birdman - Stuntin Like My Daddy
8) DJ Khaled f/ Kanye, Common & Conz - Grammy Family
9) Busta Rhymes - Touch It Remix
10) Busta Rhymes - New York Sh*t

Honorable Mention: Saigon "Pain In My Life"

Best Mixtape Cuts

1) 50 Cent - Ghetto Superstar
2) Lil Wayne - Show Me What You Got Freestyle
3) Young Jeezy - Ya Dig
4) Jadakiss f/ Swizz – It Can Get Ugly
5) DJ Drama - Cannon Remix
6) Young Jeezy - I'm Back
7) Lil' Wayne - Georgia Bush
8) Papoose - 50 Shots
9) Fabolous - Wet Wipes Freestyle
10) Saigon - Dreams

Honorable Mentions: Papoose "Black Republicans Freestyle",

Best Album Cuts

1) Nas f/ Jay-Z - Black Republicans (L.E.S.)
2) Outkast f/ Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg - Hollywood Divorce (Andre
3) Game f/ Nas - "Why You Hate The Game" (Just Blaze)
4) Snoop Dogg f/ Dr Dre - Imagine (Dr Dre)
5) Clipse - Ridin Around Shinin (Neptunes)

Honorable Mention: Ghostface "Whip You With A Strap" (J Dilla)

Top 5 Punchlines
1) "Oh you mad 'cause I'm stylin on you"
2) "I'm so independent I might by Koch"
3) "I leave you missing like the fuckin' O'Bannon's"
4) "They say I aint lyrical....I wasn't trying to impress y'all niggas!"
5) “Like my girl Foxy a nigga went def/deaf"

YouTube of the Year: E N-J vs. Niks

80's Baby of the Year: T.I.P

This would’ve been an easy victory for Weezy if it wasn't for that '79 controversy.

Runner Up: Lupe

70's Baby Of The Year: Weezy F Baby (pause)

Runner up: Nas

60's Baby Of The Year: Jay-Z

The old head raped Budweiser and gave 30+'ers a reason to think they're still cool. God bless him

Runner Up: Diddy

If you were curious, I skip Who Killed It (great idea, lame execution), Not Going Back (add this to the "Hey Nas" and "

American Way

" list), Play On Playa (ZzZzZz), Blunt Ashes (Larry Troutman killed Roger Troutman and then killed....) and Hope (we know you can rap). I also skip Hip Hop Is Dead.

Just Blaze should do 50% of both Fab's and Budden's next albums. Their best work is with Justin Smith.

$100 on a 100 to 1 bet that Greatest Story Ever Told is album of the year in 2007. Hit me on myspace and we can put the money in an escrow until it drops.

If that Jay/Nas/Jeezy/Luda/Ross/Fab tour does go down, call it the "Hip Hop Is Dead Tour". Milk that genius marketing strategy until it's played out. CTC IDJ.

Black Republicans!


Special thanks to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday on myspace. Going to get drunk. See ya next week.


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