As the BET Cyphers last week proved, there's something special about watching a rapper just spit. Though the cyphers only come once a year, there are still places out there that force rappers to deliver verses over a beat in a live setting. Sway In The Morning is one of those places.

The Shade 45 morning show hosted by hip-hop veteran Sway Calloway debuted in 2011 and in the last few years it's became a destination for rap fans looking to see artists put to the test. The verses may not always be spontaneous—some of the clips you'll find on this list were obviously pre-written—but there's a real joy in seeing a rapper hear a beat, pause, silently smile, then go in. As recent appearances by Vic Mensa and Danny Brown show, Sway fresstyles are quickly become their own mini-genre, so we decided to pick 15 freestyles you gotta check out. --Dan Jackson

ScHoolboy Q
Choice Line: "Still be strapped, hit her from the back/In my bucket hat"

Earl Sweatshirt
Choice Line: "Got my fucking dick as long as lists of shit I should regret/A little bit depressed that's why the winter fit him best"

Danny Brown
Choice Line: "Smoke so many blunts I can hear my lungs whistling"

Riff Raff
Choice Line: "I've got more knowledge than both your parents combined"

Chance The Rapper
Choice Line: "I know I'm hot in the streets/And I'm hot with the Tweets/And I'm hot with the heat/I'm like the Spurs vs. the Heat"

Don Trip
Choice Line: "In this crazy world we're about to bring a seed in/In this cold, cruel word I am not freezin'"

Choice Line: "I rhyme with no hair coming off the top of the head/My man had dreads/Cut 'em a while ago"

Choice Line: "I'm the rebirth of an era who made it if they were great/Only if they were great, Sway"

Talib Kweli
Choice Line: "Scavengers feasting on the dead like a vulture/Snacking, how you keeping up with my rapping?/You barely keeping up with Kardashians"

Choice Line: "25 years in the rap game surviving/The revolution may not even be televised but I guaranteed you I televised it"

Kendrick Lamar
Choice Line: "This is the future if I say so/Y'all cop your fitted caps, I'm about to cop a halo"

Meek Mill With Lil Snup
Choice Line: "My team full of gorillas/Killas on four-wheelers"

AZ With Questlove
Choice Line: "Like tints on my specs as my mind reflects/Don't get it twisted, I'm gifted, I define respect"

King Los
Choice Line: "While you sleep I'm gonna hold the pistol under your nose and watch it wake you up like its Folgers Crystal"

Choice Line: "I don't hold grudges judge/I'm always forgivin'/Still I ball heavy until I'm called to heaven"