If you’re not familiar with the beautiful actress, Parker McKenna Posey, than let XXL refresh your memory. A star on the hit show, My Wife and Kids, Posey known as Kady Melissa Jheny Spilken Kyle, played the youngest child in the Kyle family. Now, years removed away from the hit show, Posey has grown to be one beautiful woman.

The 20-year-old Posey spends her free time swimming, listening to music and dancing, but if she were to chose a career in modeling, we’re sure she wouldn’t have a problem picking up a gig. Currently residing in Los Angeles, Calif., Posey takes to Instagram on weekly basis to post pictures of her seductive curves. 10 years now removed from her hot show My Wife and Kids, Posey still remains as one of the most talked about actresses on the show. Today, we dedicate our eye candy post to the beautiful Parker McKenna Posey.

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