The Best Lyrics On Eminem’s ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2′

“So Much Better”

“You fake, lying slut you never told me you knew Drake/And Lupe? You want to lose two legs”
“And I’d be the third person who screwed you today/Oh, four? Dre, Drake, Lupe? Oh touche”
“I got 99 problems and the bitch ain’t one/She’s all 99 of them I need a machine gun”
“Then the cops pulled me over but they let me go/Cause I told ‘em I’m only driving drunk cause that bitch drove me to drink/I’m back on my fuck ho’s”
“But I’ll never say the L-word again/I la-la-la-la lesbian”

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  • Blah

    There are so many lyrics on the wrong songs its seriously worth deleting this article instead of fuckin the whole album up..

  • Slim Joe

    Just shows how lyrical em still is