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Eminem Battles Slim Shady On ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2′

When Eminem announced in late August that his new album would be titled the Marshall Mathers LP 2, the significance—coming back to the scene of his best-selling album, the return of his bleach-blonde hair, the throwback to his early days—was not lost on anyone. But when Marshall premiered his first single, the Rick Rubin-helmed “Berzerk,” on Shade 45 the next day, it seemed like Em, one of the greatest rappers of all time and coming off another multi-platinum record with 2010′s Recovery, was out of date and not up to speed. The following singles—the Call Of Duty promo track “Survival,” the 100-mile-a-minute sprint of “Rap God,” the Rihanna-assisted radio bait “The Monster”—divided opinion like no other project this year. When the album inevitably leaked last Wednesday (October 30) ahead of its November 5 release date, most people had seemingly already made up their minds about this new version of Eminem’s vision.

The full MMLP2—a revisit, rather than a sequel, of his 2000 Marshall Mathers LP—is a much different animal than the first, and is also much more diverse than any of his other albums. The Rick Rubin influence cannot be overstated—”Berzerk,” of course, feels like a Beastie Boys outtake, and his other samples of Joe Walsh, the Steve Miller Band, and Wayne Fontana and the Mindbenders, to name a few, are something that only Rubin could helm—and the production as a whole is largely out of left field. Sometimes when listening through, you could catch yourself thinking that the opening of the next song—”Legacy,” for instance—was the beginning of a Spotify ad from a playlist you forgot you had on. But the thing that carries Em through is the diversity of his flows, and his ability to rap over anything, regardless of if you think it could be done.

Take “Love Game,” for instance, the first track that hit the web after the leak and the album’s most anticipated song after the credits revealed that Kendrick Lamar would be the only featured rapper on the LP. That Wayne Fontana loop is way more “You’re The One That I Want” than “The Way I Am” or “Stan,” to name two standouts from the first Marshall Mathers, and on first listen in an office environment it seems a touch forced and out of place. But walking down the street at noon on a Saturday and hearing Kendrick’s and Em’s verses over a swaying, 1950s-era rockabilly beat gives that track an entirely different dimension. Songs like “Rhyme Or Reason” and “So Far” are similar in that way—they’ll grow on you by getting stuck in your head, and before long you’ll know every word and skip ahead to hear the familiar refrains and deft flows.

And then there’s the lyrical content, maybe most fascinating when taking into context the album’s position as a revisitation to the first iteration 13 years ago. A song like “Kill You” off the first Marshall Mathers is countered by a track like “Headlights,” which follows the formula that Em has cultivated where he grabs a popular singers (this time fun.’s Nate Ruess) to sing the hooks of some of his biggest songs, a five-minute apology to his mother, directly referencing earlier tracks like “Cleaning Out My Closet.” It’s not that you’re getting a softer Eminem—there are still tracks like “So Much Better” which are full of the same amount of vitriol as some of his earlier work, and the emotion and power is not missing from MMLP2—but you’re getting one with more perspective, a version which has seen 13 more years and has a different outlook on some of the same topics that he first visited in 2000.

There are still problems with some of his lyrical content: the overt homophobia is still there, even though it’s addressed (albeit briefly) on album opener “Bad Guy,” and at this point it feels pointless to take issue with the violent content in his words. But for the most part, the way he addresses his own demons—particularly on “Bad Guy” and album closer “Evil Twin,” both of which see him battling alter ego Slim Shady—see Em delving into his intense issue within himself, a dichotomy which only he can articulate with such an uncomfortable clarity. “Evil Twin” is more or less a direct attack at Shady’s persona in 2000, a different character than exists in his own mind now, and contains his most telling lines of the whole album: “Sometimes I listen and revisit them old albums/Often as I can and skim through all them bitches/To make sure I keep up with my competition/Hoarder of beats, hoarder of rhymes/Borderline genius who’s bored of his lines/And that sort of defines where I’m at and the way I feel now.”

He’s in a new era, a new place, and he’s thinking more about his career and life in a larger context—and it defines where he’s at and what he is now. For a songwriter as open and honest as Eminem, love it or hate it, that’s always what he’ll bring. Marshall Mathers is in a never-ending battle with Slim Shady. For better or for worse. Dan Rys

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  • Zenithracked

    Gooooooooooooood God, he
    spazzes on this album. Every single song, even the slow ones, are pure
    adrenalin and have Shady practically screaming into the mic.

    The thing that really impresses me about this album is just how
    ‘against the gain’ of almost every modern hip hop convention is. I
    almost want to say that calling it MMLP2 is sort of a miss
    representation of the LP because people will go in expecting the sound
    of 2000 when really its a re-visitation of the ideas and mindset.

    This is essentially Eminem saying I will do whatever I want and if you don’t like it. Suck it……. pretty ballsy.

    The lyricism is grade A, this is undeniable. at the age of frickin 41
    Eminem can still kill most of these 20 year olds! That is insane.

    The only real negative I can come up with is, as was referenced in
    the review; the very few popier songs that sound like they should be on
    Recovery. (The Monster and Survival) These feel like much more of an
    attempt to appeal to mainstream audiences than the rest of the album.

    9/10 is probably an apt score, as he almost certainly achieved what
    he set out to do, abet a few select songs, but they hardly detract from
    the album.

    Quite impressive stuff.

    Oh and Lyrics XXL, beat XL, originality XL… much more accurate.

    • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

      And even with that said Survival is still a pretty dope track, everyone likes to just assume popier songs are a bad thing. Purists may not like them as much but as far as radio fare is concerned it’s better the most the other shit you an listen to. The bonus tracks are dope too.

      • Zenithracked

        I don’t really like Survival. Its sounds much more like it Belongs on Recovery than this album (which is an album I personally did not like very much). More-over watching the video makes me a little sick as it an over bloated call of Duty Commercial. The Eminem from 2001 would never do this.

        • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

          Meh, Eminem isn’t the Eminem from 2001 anymore and he shouldn’t have to apologize for that. Music Videos aren’t much of an indication of a songs worth anyway, they’ve always been tacky marketing garbage. The song is definitely superior to “Won’t Back Down” and I’m not suggesting it’s a great song, it’s just better than a lot of radio stuff comparatively. Eminem has more than just pure hip hop fans to please, he covers a wide spectrum of listeners. So having songs like Monster, Survival and Headlights doesn’t surprise me and I can live with it. I won’t listen to them much but if they come on while songs are shuffling it’s not like I’m trippin’ out.

          • Crip4Life

            eminem was a bitch for a long time. whatever you muthafuckas think, eminem aint shit. in OAKLAND, we aint got no white feminem muthafucka trying to rap in here haha.

            one thing about this faggot, he makes 14 out of 16 tracks about his fucking family, WHO THE FUCK DO THAT? fuckin boring wigger, we dont give a fuck about his mom or daughter.

            fucking sellout bitches fuck outta here

          • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

            you realize how ignorant you sound. All that faux masculinity and pride dude, chill out. Are you sore that this so called “faggot” talking about his family is in terms of technical prowess the best rapper alive? If he wanted to he could merc anybody at their own game. He’s done it before. He laid all the best verses on Chronic 2001, he laid the best verse on Jay’s classic Blueprint. He laid the best verse on Forever against 3 of the biggest names in the game. Just cause Eminem raps about things that bring in a wider audience doesn’t mean he’s bad, it just means it’s not your thing. So get home and pop a xani instead of spoutin’ inflammatory ignorance

          • Troll Detector

            Crip4Life is a troll. You may not be bumping his music but your point of 14 out of 16 tracks is about his family. Well what do you think your favorite rappers does 14 out of 16 tracks? Money and women….that gets boring too. Get a life troll…

          • DURTY WHYTE


          • cmack510

            you sound mad ignorant bruh lol

          • Zenithracked

            Sure, sure.

            I’m not saying I have a problem with the songs The Monster and Survival, or even that they are bad songs. Its more that they just don’t fit within the vision of the album.

          • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

            that’s fair criticism. I’d probably agree with that.

          • Aditya Samadhiya

            Well said bro. He actually has more regular fans to please rather than core rap fans. Back in 2000s the core rap fans were larger, but now situation is different. Whatever he will do, some will criticize while others will praise, which is inevitable.

      • Colin O’Connor

        For me the bonus tracks were better than a lot of the stuff on the main album. I’ve had Groundhog Day on repeat for days lol.

    • jay

      Your comment is a more accurate review

    • kakid1

      accurate but monster and survival r awesome songs perfect 4 the album especially monster rihannas vocals r so deeeep gives me the chillls

  • 2012Industry1

    Dan Rys…good review. I agree with this review almost 100%. And that scale where the beats were an L…..on point. He deserved an XXL for lyrics though. This guy literally threw up on the mic!

  • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

    This review is SOOOOOO much better than HipHopDX’s piece of garbage. DX complains about some random shit and claims the album tarnishes the legacy of the original and they give it a 4/5 like WTF! Anyhow, good review, and I agree with a lot of what he said. Even the songs that rap purists won’t really be into are at least original and Em is always bringing talent wise, you can’t question that. And for me there are at least 5 tracks that go straight into the list of Eminem classics. ‘Bad Guy’ ‘Evil Twin’ ‘So Much Better’ ‘Asshole’ (no matter how you feel about the Sky Gray hook) ‘Rap God’. There is no question this is his best album since Em Show and he may not have gone straight back to the same dark tone, he has elements of it and takes what was good about Recovery and discarded the rest. I’ll be giving this album many a spins.

  • Barrs

    Eminem’s catalogue will always divide opinion but what cannot be debated (in my opinion) is that he has proven himself “technically” stronger than any mainstream rapper to ever lay down a verse. I am black, I’m no “Stan” and I have a pretty decent knowledge of hip hop and its history and reserve my judgement on what it has become. I profoundly believe that if Marshall Mathers were black he would have been acclaimed as the best that ever lived. His knowledge of, and respect for, the art form and the culture is unlike most the rappers out there. He is the GOAT in my humble opinion. His will join poets like Keats and William Blake in having his work deconstructed by future generations.

    • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

      It’s nice to hear a hip hop purist be willing to acknowledge Em’s greatness. While you’re not the only one, it’s still sometimes uncommon to hear. There are a lot of people that claim they are the “real hip hop community” that love laying into Em and try to downplay his significance and really it just comes off as close minded and unwilling to accept that the genre has evolved and it’s silly to expect that it would remain the same. Eminem may not be THE GOAT but he is in the GOAT group for consideration.

    • Crip4Life

      eminem only sold records to the little 15 year hoes and whiteboys. fuck em all.

      also, FUCK drake, FUCK 50 cent, FUCK lil wayne, FUCK soulja boy, FUCK the WHOLE mainstream and radio MUTHAFUCK em all.
      underground n old school until da real mainstream shit be back like da 80s-90s.

      westside, MOB, bay to LA!

      • AJ

        @0fc103a77938c53df59ed90e69cf1cb5:disqus go home you’re drunk

      • jay deluca

        get a life still bangin at what age gtfoh

  • Stanley

    I don’t know how XL translates out of 10 but i agree with the majority of the review, except the slight complaint about his “Homophobia” because he’s not using the term “Faggot” as a insult to gays, he’s addressing it towards, pussys ect. But other then that top quality review, i believe he should’ve gotten a XXL for lyrics because he went in, just my opinion.

    Album of the year for me.

    • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

      Yeah, people can make an argument that “faggot” in that context is problematic but it’s not “homophobic”. That term gets generalized and tossed around way too much.

  • Dr Dre

    Lyrics -XL Beats -M. If they had a Hook Category it would be a F for Fail

  • Aggie

    This album deserves an XL for beats and an XXL for lyrics. Author needs a better grasp on production and sound (the last album he reviewed to date, was 2Chainz’s BOATS II, to which he gave an undeserved XL for beats). Since we’re unfairly comparing MMLP2 and MMLP, the former isn’t as mind-blowingly unique or catchy as the original, but the album as a whole is cohesive and a steady effort from start to finish. It’s undoubtedly his best work since The Eminem Show.. few rappers can replicate the same amount of skill and effort this age in their careers. MMLP2 is barely a classic that showcases how far he’s come while flashing vintage Shady, paying homage to classic hip hop, and reminding us why he’ll be in that greatest of all time conversation.

    • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

      Word dude, I feel exactly the same. I get the vibe that some people are just kind of forgetting what Eminem was about when he made those first 3 albums. Maybe they are just in a haze from the 3 album mediocrity that followed Em Show, but this album is for sure a creative force and had no one ever heard eminem and heard this album there is no way they could say it wasn’t fascinating and unique.

    • Zenithracked

      Wow, B.O.A.T.S. II got an XL for beats? They sound very much like most Trap/Radio beats that are popular today…

      Where as these. Well Don’t sound like anything I’ve heard.

    • 2PacForever

      ever heard of main stream rap music?? notice how the majority of them suck to people that actually know music? lol Eminem is CLEARLY untalented but he makes so much much money because all of his fans are retarded and brainwashed by the mainstream media…he doesnt give a fuk about his fans lol… all the fans are doing is supplying his pocket with cash that he always raps and yaps about… 2pac on the other hand he never changed he was hungry when he sold over 80 mill and NEVER SOLD OUT!!

      • Get over it

        I have a lot of respect for 2Pac, but they guy’s dead and you need to get over it. Don’t compare Em to him, compare Em to all the mainstream rappers now like Wayne and Drake. Eminem is much better than them. And isn’t every rapper in it for the money? 90% of them only rap about cash and hoes, but does Em? No. Which means he’s not in it for the money, he’s in it for respect. And he does care about his fans you idiot, go listen to Not Afraid, he thanks them.

      • Where Da Gold At?

        Lulz, Pac never sold out….. Except he sold his life to Suge Knight to avoid getting butt-fucked more in jail.

      • kakid 1

        the fuck ^ pac is the greatest…..music is music bozo

  • Bobby

    One of 4-5 albums I’ll buy this year. Slim, slim pickings in hiphop these days… Whoo… Danny Brown is meh, Earl shit the bed, Bronson is dope, Joey is ok, Ab Soul is good, Kendrick was promising but what’s he doing twerking on tv with 2 Chainz and Miley?? What part of the game is that?

    Eminem is one of the few from back then that is still keeping it moving. Honestly, even some of the best ever I don’t even look out for because I’ve seen it all, heard it all. When was the last time you got excited for a Talib album?? They just come and go; same as ever. The young money boys are corny as fuck and so are their fans. Old heads are resting easy and I don’t blame them. If I were Red or Meth I’d sit back from this circus too.

    This year I got Havoc’s album, Prodigy’s album, RA the Rugged Man’s album, Madchild’s album, and that’s it. I’m sure there’s other quality albums out there without dudes singing or crying or carrying on for the one billionth time about how much money they have – but I just don’t care anymore.

    Hiphop sucks.

  • JaffarR

    One of the only times I’ll say this:
    This album deserves a XXL rating.
    It’s ahead of it’s time.

  • KakiD1

    dope ass album put pusha t”sss album and young dros down 4 now had MMLP2 on repeat since the 30th and its still on..gonna cop the physical 2morrow deff wrth my $. Thanks EM 4 a sick ass project..lalala LESBIEN AHHHHHH lol

  • KakiD1

    dope ass album put pusha t”sss album and young dros down 4 now had MMLP2 on repeat since the 30th and its still on..gonna cop the physical 2morrow deff wrth my $. Thanks EM 4 a sick ass project..lalala LESBIEN AHHHHHH lol

  • Cdub44

    In “Bad Guy” hes not rapping as Slim Shady hes rapping as Matthew….Stan’s little brother…get it right!!

  • Manny Munoz

    XXL what the fuck is wrong with you, you cannot give a XL to drake and a XL to Eminem, cmom. Eminem just fucking murdered this whole album, its a fucking classic, you need to check your shit out, because you guys got some fucking dick in your ears or something. Holy fucking shit, haha I bet you guys will change your rating once you see how many sales Em gets on this one.

    • popeye crunk

      this isn’t a classic bruh

      • Manny Munoz

        what is then? tell me, 2chainz? Drake? fuck outta hear with that gay shit, I rather listen to shit that is more lyrical instead of that music that is repetitive and mindless. For me lyrics is the most important thing and Eminem lyrically can’t be fucked with, and its a shame that a hip-hop magazine news source doesn’t recognize that.

        • TrustShady

          What I think popeye crunk means is that the album isn’t a classic like MMLP1 but it is way better than all the others!

          • Manny Munoz

            I can agree with you on that one, i still think its damn good.

        • rapboyrapboy

          A classic needs more time to develop with listeners as important. YOU OBVIOUSLY Dick ride this dude if you are so quick to swallow his c** over this “classic”. I mean seriously do you even understand what the word classic means?
          MMLP one is a classic now.
          another follow up album with shitty rock rap beats

          • Manny Munoz

            Shut the fuck up and stop dick riding my shit faggot. its going to be a classic because your muther fucking kids will be bumping this shit 20 years from now.

    • Nick James

      I don’t know if this shit is a classic. It’s too early to even use that word. I do agree with you though. This “XL” for everybody shit has got to stop.

      • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

        People bent out of shape about an XL is weird. XXL is an almost unheard of score, these sites don’t give out perfect scores basically ever. So everyone needs to chill, this review was respectful, unlike that garbage over at HipHopDX. dude bags on the album and then still gives it a 4 star. Head scratcher.

        • Tay

          I agree, it would be unlikely if they gave the album a full XXL, even if it deserves it. BUT the lyrics scale definitely deserves a XXL ranking, he killed it on every song.

          • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden


    • cmack510

      wouldnt say classic but is good album, would have been classic without all the gay recovery shit ..idk why he dove back into that smh

  • bubbaking

    Lyrics definitely should have gotten XXL. Find me a rapper this year or even past few years who can put words together and use the metaphors that he uses on this album.

  • TheRealGuy

    Eminem’s lyrical skill was at XXL level but everything else? Originality? Beats? Simple L or M for me. Hooks on this album were very poor, aswell as the beats. Very disappointing, but i will give him credit for some songs such as Rhyme Or reason, Survival, Rap god (Because of bars and flow) & Groundhog day. This album should not have been named MMLP2, fair enough if he named it something else. But naming it MMLP2 wasn’t the right move because he’s making people expect something they will not get.

    • Sinatra

      Thank you….. These people are only saying XXL this, and XXL that because its Eminem. Quit overrating this alright, but not classic album. Its definitely not the worse on here, but its definitely not the best either. Chilllll

  • Jeremiah

    I NEVER leave comments. But the fact you gave Em’s lyrics an xl and not an xxl is LAUGHABLE. Let alone the fact that this album shares an XL raiting with some other garbage on here is ridiculous. I’m not checking xxl for anymore reviews

  • keon

    Beats are a 3/5? This album had the strongest, most creative, and fun beats since The Eminem Show. Lyrics should probably be at a XXL because have you heard Rap God, Evil Twin, Bad Guy, and Survival? The whole album was a lyrical assault with the most innovative ways to make words rhyme. The originality is the only one I agree with because it’s a sequel and I don’t think any sequels should get a XXL on originality.

  • Slim Joe

    HOW THE FUCK did lyrics not get a xxl?

  • Diamond Rattler

    How does this get an XL for originality?! An L, at most! You guys should get rid of that top bar where you judge the lyrics, beats, and originality, because it makes no sense. Or at least put some explanations by each category. Em’s lyrics are an XXL. Find me someone else that is spitting better and elevating the bar of rhymes in today’s industry. I agree with you on the beats. They are borderline just plain bad. Em really needs to follow some kinda concept with an album like this. I didn’t get much outta this album, but lyrics, which weren’t really powerful, just really technical. A solid 3 outta 5 for me.

  • S n my Chest!

    Lyrics and originality have to be a XXL. Name someone who’s keeping up with that shit!? Or putting out something that sounds remotely similar. The technical ability is genius, Em’s problem is his mediocre beats. Never traditional hip hop beats anbd that’s why n one ever wants to use them. The albums a XXL…Just!!

  • junj03

    Lyrics XL? FCK U!!!

  • Stillmatic

    I already knew would the the comments would look like soon as the review was put up, lets be real the majority of the comments are not from hiphop fans, Em is the only rapper they listen too. Think about people keep saying “if you don’t like this album you must be a 2 Chainz or Drake fan”. The album got the correct rating Imo, nothing classic about this album. Its good but nowhere near classic. Smh

  • Micke

    Kendrick’s album got an XXL and you give Em an XL for this album… Are you guys fucking retarded?

    • Rap fiend

      That’s because kendrick gave you a masterpiece that was critically acclaimed. Eminen has not had a perfect score for this album and will not. It’s a decent album, but there are many skippable and lackluster songs.

      • Nelson Espe

        Kendrick sucks. Sorry, its the truth. The only album that was close to MMLP2 was The Heist by Macklemore.

        • Holden Hill

          kill yourself.

    • popeye crunk

      times changes…

    • Nelson Espe

      I am starting to think critics are being dumbed down by today’s music, so when someone like Eminem releases a brilliant album, they don’t understand it.

  • Rigby

    This is a pretty accurate review. The lyrics definitely deserve a XXL though.

  • Matthew Chavez

    Should have expected bias from XXL. beats deserved an S. That is being nice too.

    • Where Da Gold At?

      You’re a fucking idiot.

      • the t

        beats were horrible

  • The T

    Beats – S (try to even remember or hum a beat on this album)
    Lyrics – L (better than recovery and relapse)
    Originality – L (lyrics have an xl originality, but beats take this score a notch down)

    Overall – M

  • JamesFourTwenty

    Bad guy, rhyme or reason, survival, asshole, rap god, brainless, so far, evil twin, baby, groundhog day,beautiful pain, wicked ways are all great…

  • JamesFourTwenty

    You guys should rate Redman – Remixxes, Serial Killers Vol.1, Tech N9ne – Something Else and Yelawolf – Black Fall (EP)

  • JamesFourTwenty

    Also, Los – Becoming King

  • NotAGOD

    First of all I AM AN EMINEM FAN. But for all those complaing about the XL rating, tell me if it compares to the classics that you have heard. Does it compare Illmatic or most recently Good Kid Maad City? No, and if you’re unwilling to accept that you are probably a fan boy. This album has not been critically acclaimed and will not be. It’s a good album and Em snapped on these beats, but what does an XXL rating entail? Story telling, flow, no fillers, and of course BEATS. If you can tell me that this album has all those, I will call you a stan. If he would have told RICK RUBIN to fuck off, give me DR. DRE, and let’s make a classic, you know this would have been the real “MMLP2.” 8/10

  • Mike

    I have only listened to the album twice, and so far I think it is a good album, nothing spectacular, I really think it should have been named something else. While it is a breath of fresh air, it is not something new. Life is Good and GKMC were lyrically dope, Magna Carta had great production and I thought Big Boi’s VLDR was far more progressive as far as Hip-Hop goes. There is one thing I cannot get past in this album and its the hooks/choruses. With the exception of few, they are just so terrible. Why do they all have to be sung? I cringed every time he sang a hook. As an Em fan I was disappointed in the album, just b/c of my personal hang ups I had with it mentioned above. Definitely in the top 5 hip-hop albums released in 2013 though.

  • Tyler Durden

    Mierda… Next concept please !!!

  • BostonReppin

    Overall it wasn’t a bad review but was I the only one who thought Dan Rys was not “up to speed?” To say Berzerk was “out of date and not up to speed” is moronic. XXL, get some better reviewers. That track kills…for a real hip hop fan the beat is astonishing and pounding with his lyrics as sharp as ever. XXL, hire me for your reviews. I’m serious, very subpar lately. I’m not a Stan either but it shows not all people reviewing albums actually know as much as they should about hip-hop. MMLP2 was much better than anything out this year.

  • Jack

    Absolutely disgusting consistency from XXL Mag. In one breath, they will review Drake’s Nothing Was The Same (an APPALLING attempt at a Hip Hop album) and give it an XL, but in the next, they’ll take a work of Hip Hop genius, MMLP2, and give it an XL. I suggest the author’s learn how to review Hip Hop properly.

  • Megaman

    Beats M Originality L Lyrics XXL

  • JuJu

    Beats M
    Lyrics XL
    Originality L

  • Moe

    The review is fairly right except the lyrics deserve XXL, besides that the beats are a lil off (especially love game) but Em still got that CRAZY flow and lyrics that put him in the top 5 not in just the game but of all-time One of the best albums this year most def. And Drake and Eminem are two DIFFERENT artists especially in their music direction its kinda pointless to compare both of them together and really makes no sense at all

  • Carlos Mythos Vazquez

    Drake’s album received better review scores than this album. This is why, most of the time, I hate the world we live in.


    beats L. Lyrics XL. Originality XXL

  • Plateau

    Beats: M
    Lyrics: XL
    Originality: S

    Overall: M

    Beats where pretty bad, not dreadful enough to be S. Lyrics were fine, XL may be a bit generous. Originality was horrendous, em still uses corny hooks sung by generic female singers and uses verses/chorus/verse/chorus way to much.

  • bread

    how does this not get 5 in lyircs..

  • Irish0583

    Proofread your own writing before you
    dare to critique the writing of an artist. You are a poor excuse for…
    well… anything. (“… Em has cultivated where he grabs a popular singers [this time
    fun.’s Nate Ruess] to sing the hooks of some of his biggest songs …) It’s such a shame that you are somehow in a position to influence popular opinion. And, seriously, “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” scores higher lyrically than MMLP2??? Jay Z couldn’t pull off half of what Em does even if Em was Jay’s ghostwriter. Jay would walk out of the studio pissed off because he wouldn’t even understand what he was being asked to rap.

  • MMLP2isNOTaGOODallbum

    This is by far one of eminem’s worst albums! This is coming from a eminem fan. MMLP2 is just plain awful. The only good songs on MMLP2 are “Brainless”, “So Much better”,”Stronger than i was”, “asshole”, “Evil Twin”, “Beautiful Pain” This is probaly one of eminem’s worst performed albums. Every song sounds like eminem is trying to cram a too many words into each line. His delivery is so bad on this album, all the emotions sound forced. Eminem sounds out of shape lyrically. All his references are outdated & corny. Its Really sad seeing a legend make a album this bad. There is a only like 6 good songs top, the rest are throwaways. THIS ALBUM OBVISOULY NEEDED DR DRE VISIONS! RICK RUBIN HAS TURNED EMINEM INTO A COUNTRY/ROCK BEASTIE BOY HYBRID! WTF. THANKS JIMMY IOVINE! (MIDDLE FINGER)

    • Nelson Espe

      Keep listening. Your opinion will change. I thought that at first on a few songs like Rhyme or Reason and Love Game, but the more I listened, it was beautiful work. A masterpiece. Its hard to take your opinion serious when you list the best songs and leave out “headlights” and “bad guy”.

  • Bradley P XXL CEO

    Eminem deserved an unprecedented XXXL for his lyrics. Dan Rys you are relieved from your album reviewing job. signed XXL CEO That’s unforgivable

  • Ty

    the albums good and his lyrics and flow is better than most if not all mainstream rappers at this time. However, people are forgetting none of his previous recording have ever gotten 5 stars from a major publication and moreover even the first MMLP was not on the level of illmatic,36 chambers, OB4CL or reasonable doubt. So why are these people speaking of the greatest ever. Big L maybe the greatest freestyle spitter ever (as we know freestyle as today- he was one of the first to spit lines he already wrote) but none of his albums were flawless or close to that and he’s still a legend but don’t act drunk and say Big L is better than Biggie or Eminem is greater than Nas or Hov. None of his album is on their second tier level album it was written or in my lifetime volume one- i fucks with sunshine (both album were not receive well by critics but are both near classic in their own right)

    • Nelson Espe

      Eminem is far better than Jay-Z and Nas. Jay-Z hasn’t been good since his 3rd album. You obviously like trash.

  • CoNTRoL

    This writer is on crack and doesn’t know shit about what real music is. MMLP2 is good music. Learn it and preach it dickhead.

  • Røme Maine

    this review does not justify the album’s true brilliance. This is a direct sequel to the first one. Just because its a sequel doesnt mean it has to be the same style. This album shows Marshall’s progression from back then to now, not just lyrically and musically but emotionally over all! its a sequel revisiting his demons from the first Marshall Mathers and explaining the battles that he had faced before, during, and after that album. This album is a closer to those demons. For fuck sake Bad Guy is a direct sequel to “Stan” and its almost as if whoever wrote this article missed that concept completely. most of all though i think its important to recognize that Bezerk wasnt Em being behind the time, it was a tribute for one and two it also was like “lets make something new, because a lot of hip hop today (lil wayne, gucci, rick ross,tyga, etc.) has gotten pretty formulaic and sort of wack. originality is starting to fade (in the mainstream at least) and most mainstream artists have gotten lazy due to their success. jay z is not the fire he used to be and anyone can agree with that. Eminem is proving why he is the best and that he will never get lazy on the fans again.

  • Damien the Demon


  • Kronik

    Why tha fk is this not xxl this sites a fail!

  • SwagGeneral

    Why aren’t the lyrics xxl????

  • chiefgreen42

    they skip over it because he originally wanted to review the whole song and thats it. RAP GOD!!!! kills everyones album ALONE!!!! the rest of the album was just to sell records. TRACK 9 em even says it. y’all unsigned rappers looking at me like its lunch time!!!! it scares all of you. thats why no one mentions it.