Eight Eminem Albums Charted On Billboard 200 This Week



This is pretty cool.  With the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and it debuting at #1 this week on the Billboard 200 chart with 792, 000 copies sold. Fans took their love for Eminem to a different level. All of his seven other albums (excluding his independent album Infinite) entered the Billboard 200 charts this week. Yes, you did not read that wrong. Sales numbers are below.

#1 The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – 793,000
#30 The Marshall Mathers LP – 10,000 (Total 10,766,000)
#58 The Eminem Show – 7,000 (Total 10,270,000)
#64 Recovery – 7,000 (Total 4,509,000)
#94 Curtain Call – 5,000 (Total 3,778,000)
#115 The Slim Shady LP – 4,000 (Total 5,433,000)
#158 Encore – 3,000 (Total 5,343,000)
#159 Relapse – 3,000 (Total 2,335,000)

[via HHDX]

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  • Slim Joe

    thats some crazy shit

  • Matthew Mitchell

    That’s the bullshit about Encore, album officially certified quadruple-platinum (4 million copies) in the first month after its released. How come the sales got only 1.343.000 in 9 years??? I think album reached at least about 7,5 million copies.

    • Jamol Bonaparte

      Lol naw dude ppl dont really feel encore and stuff, so thats possible

      • Matthew Mitchell

        No! There was an information about true sales, so i’m sure album sold over 7 million, it’s just impossible. I know that people slowly buying this album since they know that the half of it is wack, but try to count: how is he sold over 32 million copies for past decade without these 2 millions?

        • Real Shit

          Well these are US sales, not worldwide. I’m confused though how Wikipedia had like MMLP1 and TES on 20m+ worldwide and now it’s on 19m just ’cause xxlmag says these are the sales? So their other sources were false? Overall sales are just weird to me anyways how can xxlmag get Eminem’s sales?

          • Matthew Mitchell

            Encore sold more than 11 million copies worldwide, and i don’t think that i can trust to Wiki.

          • Matthew Mitchell

            Alright, i agree with album sales. This album would be as great as TES, if it had the rest of the album without songs like Puke, My 1st Single, Rain Man, Big Weenie, Em Calls Paul (skit), Ass Like That, Crazy In Love and maybe Evil Deeds (it has a bad flow) and Spend Some Time with the disgusting lyrics

    • BigGuy

      Encore is at 5.3 million

      • Matthew Mitchell

        I don’t think so