YouTube is working on a new tool that may change the way artists go on tour. Music Insights is a new tool that's part of Google's YouTube For Artists initiative that shows artists the cities and countries where their music is most popular. According to TechCrunch Music Insights compiles data that shows which of their songs are most popular, where a musician is most popular and the aggregate number of views on their own videos and videos uploaded by fans or other users that feature the artist's music.

Theoretically, the data compiled by Music Insights will help artists decide how to route their tour and could even determine their set list. That means no more playing to empty rooms during the tour or performing music that doesn't resonate with ticket holders. Pandora and Spotify have also launched similar analytic systems to help artists but YouTube insists that their data mining reigns supreme. "YouTube remains unique it its global audience and the breadth of that audience," David King, YouTube's group product manager on Music Insights told TechCrunch. "While the [Pandora and Spotify] services have a good sized audience, neither has the global reach that [YouTube] has."

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