The YBN crew is making hella noise. On Friday (July 27), YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae linked up for the first time on the new track "Pain Away."

Directed by PplCallMeAce and shot by Simon David, the visual is a no frills affair that finds the duo in the hood turning up. 2018 XXL Freshman, Nahmir, handles the chorus, rhyming over a subdued trap instrumental. "Told my bro roll a 'Wood, we gone spark that shit up it's gon' take all the pain away/I'm stuck in my past, my brothers they passin' my life it won't fade away," he spits. "Spent a few bands on kicks, look at my drip Spanish bitch all on my dick/Rollie gon' ice out my wrist, this cost a brick, no it is not counterfeit."

Cordae takes over in the second inning spitting, "Only the real can stand with us/Stressing I'm smoking on cannabis/Just made a trip to Los Angeles/It's funny man, I used to lay on the bus/Enough now, this game is so crazy it made me not know who to trust now/We shinin,' Nahmir copped the bust down/We grinding, we not letting up now."

This joint definitely has potential.

In related news, the trio of Nahmir, Cordae and Almighty Jay recently announced a European tour. The trek starts in September and will run through Oct. 10 with dates in Amsterdam, Berlin, Manchester, London and more.

Watch YBN Nahmir and YBN Cordae's new "Pain Away" video below.

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