Over the last few weeks, XXL has dropped freestyles and interviews from the members in the 2018 XXL Freshman Class. Now, the time has come to see how the rappers weigh up against each other in their highly-anticipated cyphers.

Following the high-energy cypher with J.I.D and Ski Mask The Slump God, which dropped earlier this week, comes another from Wifisfuneral, Stefflon Don and YBN Nahmir. The unlikely trio make for a rap trifecta as they glide over a smooth, flute-inspired instrumental from Sonny Digital. The beat sounds as if it were perfectly made for "Bounce Out With That" rhymer Nahmir, who delivers his verse first.

The YBN frontrunner wastes no time, unleashing a terrifying, albeit fun freestyle before the beat gets a chance to drop. "Ain't no nigga made me run, even if they had a gun/I was out here shootin' shit for fun, R.I.P. that nigga Pun/Punchin' on the mac, lil man he push a nigga back/Glizz know he keep a strap/I, I put us on the map, bitch," he raps with a devilish grin.

After nods of approval from Sonny Digital and Wifi, Nahmir steps aside and hands the mic over to XXL's first U.K. Freshman, London-bred Stefflon Don. Her bars almost take away from her cunning looks as she spits, "Nuff gyal talk but they don't do shit, when they see me ’pon road dem gyal a just scram/Don't think ’cause I got P I'm shook/ Gyal will get shot like 100 grams/I'm too cold like snowman, ’cause I drop my paper like postman/I make gyal run like roadman/If ha money come short like Konan."

Last but not least is Florida's own Wifisfuneral, who proves why his underdog title is well-deserved. "Okay, back from the dead, smokin' thrax in my bed/It's that young boy who don't care, nine shots popped up in the air/I'm gon' ride, I don't care, wait," he spits, pausing before before rattling off a myriad of bars about women and fame. He then closes the cypher by asserting his dominance, rapping, "Treat this rap shit just like it's a jugg, it's only one spot, I gotta take it now/If I die today then I'm the best that ever made it now/Man, you can't do this shit, you get that pressure you gon' fade around/You can't do this shit, you get that pressure you gon' fade around."

With bars like these, it's clear why they deserve a spot in the 2018 XXL Freshman Class.

Next up in the cypher reveal is BlocBoy JB, Smokepurpp and Lil Pump, and if you've watched the preview, it's definitely one you don't want to miss. Before then, be sure to catch the 2018 XXL Freshman Class at Terminal 5 in New York City on on Wed., July 11 for the Freshman show. If you're out on the West Coast, grab your tickets for the 2018 XXL Freshman show in L.A. here.

Watch as YBN Nahmir, Stefflon Don and Wifisfuneral demolish the competition above. And check out their group interview and solo freestyles below.

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