YBN Nahmir may be one of the harder rappers on the rise, but back in the day before he was a viral spitter, he was singing in an R&B group with his friends. During SXSW 2018, the Alabama native meets Nardwuar, revealing his past as part of The Misfits.

During the interview, which was shot earlier this month at the conference in Austin, Texas and uploaded yesterday (March 21), Nardwuar brings up the R&B group early on in the interview, which completely shocks Nahmir. The "Bounce Out With That" rapper says that he formed The Misfits with two of his friends back in the day, with one of them now being his DJ on the road.

"Hell yeah, that shit [was] called The Misfits with like two of my friends from school," he says. "We had a little singing group back in the day, and I had one of my homeboys called Jay. Not the Jay [YBN Almighty Jay] I be with now."

After gifting Nahmir with some vinyls of his favorite artists, Nardwuar also hands the young talent a tape of late rapper Doe B's music, who Nahmir says is considered a legend in his home city of Birmingham.

"That nigga hard," he exclaims about Doe B. "He hard as hell. Everybody fuck with him. Everybody listen to that nigga. Bro, Birmingham fuck with that nigga heavy. RIP that nigga, man. That nigga a legend in Birmingham."

Nardwuar also has YBN Nahmir elaborate on his viral car freestyles from the past, his desire to work with 2007 XXL Freshman Rich Boy and discuss his love for Northside Weezy and OMB Peezy.

Check out YBN Nahmir's full interview with Nardwuar at SXSW 2018 below.

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