Slaughterhouse fans can expect Eminem to be extremely hands-on with the rap group’s debut album soon to drop on Shady Records.

Crooked I tells Em has been working extremely diligently with the four-man contingent in preparation of their Welcome to: Our House album, which is scheduled for a May 15 release.

“Em is putting in incredible effort with this album,” Crooked recently told XXL about the rapper and his label boss, just before arriving at Em’s studio in Detroit. “He’s arranging, he’s being featured on songs, he’s producing. He’s putting in just as much, if not more work, than everyone else as far as Slaughterhouse. If he’s not featured on it he produced it, if he didn’t produce it he arranged it, if he didn’t arrange it…when it’s all said and done, his presence is going to be felt throughout.”

“He’s the fifth member of Slaughterhouse at this point,” Crook continued proudly.

The West Coast MC has been on three major labels before, but feels that this situation is different with Em at the helm.

“He’s putting in just as much work in as we are and I salute that all the way because he doesn’t have to obviously,” Crook said. “Sometimes when you get with a major, dog, the people who sign you, you take a picture with him, shake his hand, they publish it in a magazine and you never see the muthafucka again. I feel like we’re bringing some of that raw MC energy that a real MC feeds off of in the first place. It’s just a beautiful situation. I thank God for this situation.”

Beside prepping their next group album, Crooked says that the crew, which consists of himself, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz and Royce Da 5'9," is also set to embark on their 50-city tour, the Welcome to: Our House Tour that begins in March and that each member is also working on individual efforts. —Mark Lelinwalla