Fans of VH1's Love & Hip Hop 2 can expect less drama from Somaya Reece this time around. Here, Somaya 'La Jefa' Reece talks to XXL about trying to keep drama free, the explosive fight between Chrissy and Kimbella, reaching peace with Chrissy and her very own tequila, La Jefa. It's time to boss up!

XXLMag.com: How will your role change this season?

Somaya Reece: Well, I’m still a regular cast member. I really feel that this time around, I decided to turn a new leaf and really practice what I came to do in New York which was focus on my music and not let the drama consume me. Have you seen Season 1? That’s all it was and it completely overshadowed my music. So, this time around, I’m all about my paper and I don’t care what a hater has to say. It can’t affect me. You can clearly see what it’s about for me this season. I’m definitely focused on my music and my other businesses. I have my Tequilla company – La Jefa Tequilla – and we are a multi-million-dollar business. I’m not the focus of this season [Laughs].

After the first episode, everyone is talking about this fight between Kimbella and Chrissy. What’s your take on it?

It’s definitely something that…well, it doesn’t involve me, so it’s difficult for me to comment on. I made a really big effort to get to know why it happened and listen to everyone involved. It happened so fast that it’s just really hard to wrap your brain around it.

Did your relationship with Chrissy change for the better this season?

Yes, it did. There was definitely a breakthrough. From the beginning, I tried to let [Chrissy] know that I don’t want in any way to make her think that I’m trying to disrupt her in her relationship and it was business for me [working with Jim Jones]. I was always open to forgiving and forgetting. There was a breakthrough there.

How about with Olivia?

I tried my best is all I can say and that’s the right thing to do. There was a different side of her that I seen. There’s a lot of different layers to her.