Just moments ago, Charles Hamilton showed up to the XXL offices, as expected, for our weekly UStream series, Channel Live, yet surprisingly he arrived in a wheelchair.

Hamilton, who has been in a wheelchair (detailed with pink wheels) since recently leaving a mental hospital, explained his debilitating condition.

“The reason I’m in a wheelchair is because I have sharp pains since I was in the hospital and a lil bit before,” he said. “I have sharp pains when I’m walking and literally I want to collapse but I can’t I have to continue to walk. So my right leg has been acting kinda funny. I still have a lil’ mobility, I can still stand up in the booth…but I’d rather the mobility of my legs be jeopardized than my musicality be jeopardized at any given point of time. “

As to why he was in a mental hospital, the 2009 XXL Freshman said, “Honestly I can say I was in the hospital for a broken heart.”

Watch the rest of the interview, currently in progress now. —Jesse Gissen