Kid Ink's independent album Up & Away has been out for nearly two months and is still enjoying success. For the video for his next single, the somber but uplifting "Hell & Back," the 2012 XXL Freshman once again linked up with director Alex Nazari and headed to Salton City, CA, an hour deep into the desert outside of Palm Springs, CA, to shoot the visuals. Check out the pics (Shot by S Dot B Photography) and what they have to say below. Be on the lookout for the video next week.

Kid Ink: "Aside from it being one of my best selling records off the album on iTunes the response to this record online was overwhelming—an obvious fan favorite. We felt like the time was right to put some extra attention on a more personal record with a little more meaning behind it unlike the biggest records off the album thus far 'Drippin’ and 'Time Of Your Life.' Basically, take an opportunity to show some new fans that there is more to me than the stereotypical expected content, but at the same time reward my true fans who really appreciated a record like this from me, as well."

"The only way to describe the video is JUST THAT! Hell and Back. 120 degree weather...flies...zombie-style abandoned city...flies...desert...flies. It has a Book of Eli-inspired vibe. Definitely an experience…one I wouldn’t want to have again…EVER! But we got everything we needed and more! I think this has the ingredients to be my best video yet."

Alex Nazari: "Typically, for the concept of a track like 'Hell & Back,' you'd see a video with the rapper trappin' in the hood and making his way to the top—mansions, exotic cars and so forth. But we wanted to do something a bit more visually interesting and original."

DJ ill Will: "I know we have shot a lot of videos for Ink over the course of the past two years but I think this is the defining video for Ink thus far. We reached deep in those independent pockets to deliver the most explosive visual possible for what I consider his strongest and most personal record on the album"