Before you read any further, listen to this song:

Paris Hilton feat. Jadakiss & Fat Joe "Fightin' Over Me"

My initial reaction was the same as yours. "WTF? Jadakiss and Fat Joe sold their soul for a check!" The hook is a repetition of "Silly Boys, Boys, Boys Boys...Fighting Over Me...Fighting Over Me". The beat makes "Laffy Taffy" instrumental sound like "Breathe." How can these two perennial King Of (Whatever's Left Of) New York candidates let this ever come out? Did Jada totally ignore Paris Hilton's racist rants a year or so ago, where she was quoted calling people "Dumb Niggers"? Yo Crack, was the lapdance so good that you felt obligated to do a 16? Say it ain't so, Joe. Dave Chapelle should take time off doing coke in African jungles and make a new sketch: When Selling Out Goes Wrong.

But in reality, Overweight Joseph and .40 Cal Kiss made their pacts with Lucifer long before the "nigger-hating" porno star slash hotel heiress slash famous for being famous Paris Hilton decided to pick up a microphone. Jada has done collabos with anyone and everyone who has $20,000 for him, check his resume: Bonecrusher, Seth Marcel, Benzino, Isyss, Johnny Blanco, Lukie D, Yummi plus many more cash in a baggers. Fat Joe isn't a saint himself. I remember the Salt Shaker Remix, the Nick Cannon video in the leer jet and the iced out grill with the Puerto Rican flag. Don't even get me started about the line dancing with your dirty Nelly.

I know what some of my fellow Mid-80's Baby alumni are saying right now: "Yo son, niggas is getting checks son. You can't hate on that. They getting money." No "son"; sometimes you just have to say no. In the days of Celebreality and LL doing records with Juelz Santana (and setting his album off with it!), we need a system of checks and balances. Time for a 80's Baby Exec meeting. In a minute.....