It's weird to think that as recently as a few years ago Kanye West was the rapper who felt the black woman's pain. In addition to his penchant for teh ghey-looking shirts and tiny jackets, he had songs that spoke sympatheically to the black female condition.

In "All Falls Down," he brilliantly (by Kanye West standards) broke down how black women are driven by their own insecurity to buy expensive shit they can't afford and to give their bastard children silly names no one will ever take seriously and so on and so forth.

And here I thought it was because they were a buncha ignorant sluts.

I don't know if he's trying to purposely shed that image or what, but in the past few years he's had his share of incidents in which he's run afoul of the sister-girl community.

The first clue that he might be full of shit should've been when he accidentally left his box of pr0n, which he travels with, on the set of a photo shoot for you guys' favorite magazine Rolling Stone and it turned out to be all black man on white woman interracial sex.

Admittedly, I don't keep any black girl pr0n in my own special suitcase, but then, I've been pretty upfront about my own seemingly irrational prejudices. If I shot a rap video, the whole thing would be like the Polow Da Don portion of the "Throw Some Ds" video.

Most of Kanye West's videos, meanwhile? Not so much. In the video for "Touch the Sky," he sort of goofed on the idea that black women would throw a bitch fit if the models in his videos were more of a reflection of his actual tastes in women.

The real clincher for me though was when he gave an interview to Essence magazine in which he referred to mixed black women (like manna from heaven, except when they're fat) as mutts and claimed that if it wasn't for race mixing, there'd be no video girls.


A backlash would almost certainly be in order except for the fact that you know how it is in hip-hop. Black women love to play right into the so-called misogyny as if it's no big deal and then try to play the feminist role as soon as it's politically or financially expedient.

To his credit though, Kanye West seems to be taking this all in stride. Indeed it seems as if this whole "color struck, sex obsessed asshole" schtick, which he totally stole from me (the two of us have a long history together - nullus), could be a fertile new artistic conceit for the rapper.

His video ho anthem "Wouldn't Get Far" with The Game was one of my favorite songs all last year, but I think he took it to a whole other level still in this new freestyle over, what else, the beat to Rich Boy's "Throw Some Ds," in which he discusses buying his hoes breast implants.

Who else is all of a sudden kinda excited about Graduation?