Big Daddy Kane is best known as a pioneer on the microphone. While Rakim rightfully gets credit for rap in and out of New York becoming more intricate, stacked with internal and polysyllabic rhymes, Kane was at one point the genre's foremost technician. He's also one of the first MCs from the East coast to turn a wardrobe into menace, to be intimidating by the simple fact of how fly he was. So it's no big surprise that he figured he could transfer his talents to the big screen. After working in a handful of independent flicks throughout the 2000s, it looks like the legendary rapper has scored something of a big break, starring opposite Keanu Reeves in the forthcoming thriller Exposed. Watch the trailer above, and look out for our man as the (probable) villain.

Originally titled Daughter of GodExposed has been in production for well over a year. Written and directed by Declan Dale, it centers on a Brooklyn detective (Reeves) who fights to investigate the death of his partner. At the same time, a young woman (Ana de Armas) "experiences strange things after witnessing a miracle." The film is slated for a limited released on Jan. 22, as well as a wide release on video-on-demand services. It was shot on location in Brooklyn. Kane's last solo album was 1998's Veteranz' Day; he has continued to do a relatively steady stream of guest verses.