Vince Staples sends a chilling message in his latest music video. The symbolism in the visuals for "Señorita" is profound. The video begins with a group of individuals being led by a tatted up gentleman holding a bible with "VS" imprinted on the cover. As the group walk down the street—and the tattooed man lip-syncs the Future-sampled hook—each member is shot by gun fire in the distance. In between all of this, the Def Jam signee is performing (read: preaching his lyrics to) "Señorita." As the video continues, viewers realize that they're watching what appears to be a post-apocalyptic human zoo.

For someone of his young age, he's 21-years-old, who once downplayed music videos in an interview with NPR, the attention to detail and vibrance he's brings to visuals is astounding. Know for his brutal honesty, his previous music videos for "Nate" and "Screen Door," are just as stark and poignant as  "Señorita."

Watch the video above.

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