With just a few years into the game, Vince Staples already demonstrates an understanding and knowledge far superior to many of his counterparts. It is with good reason then that Staples was tapped for a recent Sprite commercial titled "We're All People" in which the rapper waxes on about the issues facing the rap game today.

"It’s not very often that we see someone who we resonate with. Now, music is in the era where everyone is very very rich, everyone is very very powerful, everyone is larger than life in a sense. And that’s the problem," he says in the ad. "You have to be larger than life. You have to be the cool guy, you have to be the different things. And I feel like that hurts us more than it helps us. So remaining yourself is literally the easiest thing anyone can do, it just has to be deemed appropriate."

Staples continues, placing emphasis on his role as a influencer for young listeners. "I think its up to me to set an example for kids cause we didn’t have any examples. There was nobody. That’s why this is so important to me. So they’ll be able to connect with you. And I feel like the best thing I can do is connect with people through my music, cause that can change their life even if they don’t want to make music. Cause I think too many people want to make music. And too many people are focusing on gaining attention and gaining many instead of just being better people. We’re all people, man. We tend to forget that."

Vince will be hitting the festival circuit this summer, with performances at Washington's Sasquatch Festival and New York's Governors Ball. Catch the Sprite ad up top.

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