Fresh off dropping his already acclaimed Big Fish Theory album, Vince Staples pulls up in a brand new Sprite commercial. Check it out for yourself below.

Throughout his career, Vince has been noted for the bits and pieces of humor he injects in his songs and on social media. He continues that trend in Sprite's new ad, where he plays the role of an apathetic, "let's just get this over with" actor playing the role of a Sprite vendor at a carnival.

The clip satirizes other ads, taking on the appearance of a comically transparent commercial. In the adl, Vince, who's standing in a booth under a sign that says, "The Sprite Commercial," is approached by a group of star-struck teens—who are also actors—as he's minding his own business. To get a Sprite, someone from the group has to knock over a stack of bottles. Referring to the soon-to-be-contestant as "random teenager," Vince doesn't even attempt to explain the rules of the game, and simply knocks over the bottles before the kid can even finish reciting his lines. Priceless.

At the end of the clip, Vince, who received his own Sprite can, breaks the fourth wall by telling kids to look directly into the camera as they smile and look as corny as possible.

Peep the new trailer below.

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