Nef The Pharaoh has big plans for 2017, but he's done quite done with 2016. The Bay Area rapper revisits his song "Lauryn Hill" to give the track some visuals. The video is pretty simple with Nef roaming around the studio and kicking rhymes along the way.

“I ain’t never heard of what you doing up/I done seen so much mud I start throwing up/I’m eating steak and lobster on the party bus/You better bring a chopper if you niggas wanna startle us/I’m out in Pakistan, finna practicing/Good pussy, talking wet, my niggas stepping in/Have you ever seen a hundred thousand dollars, yeah/I’ma make her pay me while you niggas having free sex,” Nef raps.

Nef the Pharaoh has been lucky to have a lot of great guidance in his young career. The legendary E-40 has been a mentor to Nef since signing him to Sick Wid It Records.

“Being around E-40 is like the rapper’s guide to longevity. Everything he says is wise, he never does me wrong,” Nef told XXL last year.

The E-40 playbook is a good one to follow if Nef hopes to reach his lofty goals in hip-hop. The Bay Area rhymer has dreams of being a legend.

“[I want] to be a household name," Nef said. "I wanna be up there with the Jay Zs, the Biggies and the 2Pacs. I wanna be a living legend. I want everybody to know Nef like they know E-40, like they know Puff Daddy. I wanna be somebody who monopolizes the rap game.”

Nef's next move is to release his debut album Big Chang Theory. The LP is scheduled to drop in early 2017, so look out for it in the coming months.


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